Efficy CRM Reports Module

Efficy CRM Reports Module

Your sustained success depends on your capacity to have a critical, unscrupulous look at yourself at regular intervals. How well did you really do last year or the previous quarter? Which new trends did you detect and which turnover can you expect?

Efficy's reports, analyses and charts are an unmissable tool to fulfill this need! And they're available in two ways: they either appear as "feeds" on your dashboard or you can generate a document.

Solution 1: HighCharts dashboards

The first method involves "feeds" you will find on Efficy CRM's central workspace. The feeds offer tips and technical information, they deal with known problems, they carry news items, they announce upcoming birthdays... and display charts. These charts - they're mainly sales graphics - make use of the HighCharts technology.

All feeds in Efficy CRM are customizable: let your activity and your specific needs guide you in this matter!

Solution 2: SAP Crystal reports

Reports constitute Efficy's second method to analyze your performance. You'll find them under the module "Reports" on the module bar of your CRM software.

Efficy CRM makes use of SAP Crystal Reports to represent your key performance indicators ("KPIs") as customizable color charts.

Furthermore, you can have the reports delivered to your mailbox! For instance, you receive a report on the turnover and the KPIs of last week by e-mail each Monday. After all, isn't it easier to call a sales meeting or attend a management committee with a clear view on the operational results?