Efficy CRM, the Document Management Software for your business
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Efficy CRM, the Document Management Software

Collect your files in Efficy CRM to turn your organization into a paperless office

Does everyone seem to have their own way of filing documents? Do you find the Windows tree-views to be complex and cumbersome?

Let a Document Management Software help you file and manage your documents. No more wasted time when you are looking for a document or when you want to file it in two or three different folders.

With a Document Management Software like Efficy CRM, your documents are centralised and always ready for consultation, on the Intranet as well as Internet.

Discover what a Document Management Software is and how it will help you improve collaboration.

What is a Document Management Software?

Document management software (DMS) is a system used to track, manage and store documents and reduce/ eliminate paper. Most document management software programs keep a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history/ change tracking).

Find below the different characteristics of Efficy CRM and its document module.


Are you a PC or a Mac person? An iPhone or Android fan? Do you prefer Microsoft Office or Open Office?

Whatever your preferences are, Efficy is able to adapt to your technology choices!

Efficy is one of the most open CRMs on the market and it can integrate several different “worlds” of technologies.

Would you like to reduce paper processing? Efficy is compatible with any type of scanner (TWAIN or networks) or fax system. You can reduce paper flow both inside and outside of your business.

Furthermore, Efficy CRM allows your associates to quickly and permanently have access to your company’s documents from whichever source (e-mail, letter, internal document…).


Due to a dynamic management of metadata, Efficy CRM differentiates your documents according to whether they are purchase orders, invoices, contracts, offers, etc.

Furthermore, Efficy’s multidimensional structure means that a completely new kind of filing system is available to you.

You’re no longer limited to a one-dimensional arrangement as in Windows.

You can now link your documents with different entities such as projects, clients, contacts etc. without any limits. With each link, a new bridge is built that connects your information.

Data Access

Document Management Software guarantees an easy and immediate access to documents. Each “bridge” lets you find the information you want in an unambiguous way.

Document Management Software also allows you to do “full text” searches in documents and their contents (even in PDF formats). In addition to this multidimensional filing, by using this gross search, Efficy empowers you with an extra search method.

All your documents are stored in a database, which greatly facilitates backup procedures. What’s more, you enjoy maximum security thanks to an option which replicates your database every quarter of an hour in our data centres.

Access to documents is, of course, protected. Unauthorized persons are denied access to information that does not concern them.


Document management software must be able to link and/or upload existing documents from existing 3rd party applications (word, excel...), desktops, network drives...

Efficy CRM allows users to access and work with documents via the internet from anywhere they have access to the web.

It prevents documents from being overwritten or deleted as documents are updated. It can store virtually any kind of document in its native file format. Previous versions of documents are maintained by the document software in the event that a rollback is required.

Efficy CRM has document to document linking, or document to folder shortcuts, which allows users to bundle files into logical groups, and has the ability to create bookmarks or shortcuts to documents frequently accessed.

Security and Access

Users can subscribe to notifications of edits / changes / version updates to files or changes to folders they are watching. When an existing file is updated or a file is added to a folder, the user receives email notification that the change has occurred, sees who has changed it, and gets a secure link to directly access the document.

Users can set alerts and reminders on documents that need attention in the future (i.e. contract renewals). Efficy CRM provides a document review and approval workflow for documents needing to pass through several authors, reviewers and approvers before being ready for general distribution.

The document approval workflow allows documents to be sent to one or many users for sign off. Approvers are able to approve (or reject) the document providing comments and feedback where required.

The software has approval based publishing, so that when the first version of a given document is added, all files of that type must be approved before becoming publicly available.

It allows specific users to act as observers of reviews or approval workflows. Observers can track the progress of documents as they proceed through the workflow and view any comments or feedback as they are provided.

Users can only search for and find (retrieve) documents they are authorized to access.

It is easy to access document software using a standard web browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Document management software can send secured links to documents and files directly to team members, partners, suppliers, or customers.

It provides the ability to personalize, set up document change alerts, reminders, checked out documents, recently added or accessed documents requiring review and/ or approvals.

Efficy CRM has an automated versioning system that assigns a new version number to a document every time that document is changed. In addition, there is a manual version control capability that allows users to trigger major and minor document releases.

History of the Document

Inactive documents may be automatically archived by the document software.

Efficy CRM tracks how and when documents are accessed by document software users and maintains a permanent record of who has read or updated the document, updated the metadata about the document, transferred or deleted documents from the library.

Records may only be deleted from the library in accordance with their retention/ disposition schedules or by a designated corporate records manager/ librarian.