Efficy CRM Timesheet Module

Efficy CRM Timesheet Module

Thanks to Timesheets, your invoicing process is quick, transparent and easy

Quick Invoicing

Every time you need to invoice your customer, it is a new challenge. You need to make sure you send the right invoice and the right amount. Overcharging a customer might result in frustration and dissatisfaction on the client's part, whereas undercharging them might have dramatic outcomes on your organization.

In addition to this first invoicing problem, comes the issue of time tracking: how do you know how long and which team worked on your customer's project? Efficy CRM helps you manage those aspects of the invoicing process.

Thanks to this timesheet module, you can track time spent on any project, customer or task. Thanks to this information, billing becomes automatic and fast.

Your weekly tasks and actions are also added to your timesheets automatically. You gain in productivity as there is no need to manually enter your billed hours.

Thanks to the 'Budget Time' field on each of your projects, you set your budget and compare the number of spent hours compared to those billed. In Efficy CRM , you have a timer that will automatically inform you of any budget expenditure or surplus.

Efficy CRM also offers the possibility to track any of your tasks and services automatically thanks to timers that will start as soon as you get to work. At the end of the day, you simply enter the unbilled hours in the related project and turn your hours into euros in a simple click.