Efficy CRM, your GDPR tool
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Efficy CRM, your GDPR tool

The GDPR will have real and important impacts on your core business. Efficy advises and offers you adapted solutions to cope with this huge data protection change.

Efficy's Recommendations

The GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, will take effect in May 2018. Your time is limited before you get prepared to GDPR. If you don’t know the GDPR yet, it is high time you had a look at our article describing the key concepts and fundamental principles of this regulation. Most importantly, it is time to get your organization prepared for this big data processing change. Fines up to 20 million euros or up to 4% of your annual turnover could be imposed if any data breach occurs after May 2018. Read Efficy’s recommendations carefully then.









Recommendation #1

Conduct an internal audit of your data process

Before taking actions, you need a clear picture of all the process in place in your organization. You have to list them all, including the type of personal data concerned, the department and people who handle, process, store, access those data. The first step is therefore to analyse you current data security situation.

Efficy’s Solution : the GDPRank

Efficy will soon enable you to analyse, online and for free, your current situation. You will know to which degree your company is at risk concerning the GDPR compliance. By answering a few questions, the GDPRank will give you a better picture of the measures you need to take to be fully prepared by May 2018. The GDPRank will soon be available here.

Recommendation #2

Get prepared

This step is crucial when it comes to GDPR compliance. At this stage, you need to come back to your audit and take an analytical look. The idea is to reduce damage some data process could cause. You need to identify the risks of each of your data process and take actions to reduce the former. Once you have come up with internal risk management process, make sure you document them all to protect your organization in case of control by dedicated authorities.

Efficy’s Solution

Data Privacy Impact Assessment

In the coming months, Efficy will put into place its Data Privacy Impact Assessment service. It has to do with a consulting service provided by an expert in data protection. This expert will conduct an internal audit of your data process and make appropriate recommendations that will help your organization take the right decisions. The complete description of the service will soon be available here.

Shared DPO

Finally, Efficy will also allow its customers to share what we call a Shared DPO (data protection officer), that is a consultant who will help your company from a technical point of view. You do not need a full-time DPO, this is why this shared consultant will bring flexibility, control and security to your company when it mostly needs it. The description of the service will soon be available here.

Recommendation #3


Stored data need to be checked regularly to ensure their up-to-date status. If those data are no longer used, data suppression process must be implemented..

Efficy’s solution: Data Cleansing Service

A data cleansing subscription will soon be ready for clients willing to delete, archive all your inactive, old-dated data. In that way, you guarantee data cleanliness and avoid any data breach. Discover, soon, this added-value service here.

Recommendation #4

Give access to data

In accordance with the GDPR, measures shall be taken to allow data subjects to access their personal data in order to edit, modify or even delete them.

Efficy’s solution: GDPR Direct Data Access (DDA)

Thanks a secured data access, people subejcted to the GDPR will be allowed to gain access to their personal data in order to edit, modify or delete their data or preferences. More information about this module will shortly be issued here.