Efficy Extended Usage Training

Efficy Extended Usage (TRB-03)

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1/2 Day
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The Bubblemaker Level

As a bubblemaker, you will get a chance to take your first breaths in your Efficy CRM solution. You will learn how to use the essential equipment of your CRM solution to feel comfortable with its basic modules and features. This first diving experience will enable you to build the diving toolkit necessary to your evolution.

What do I get out of it?

This training will go one step further in the daily usage of your Efficy CRM. Advanced features will be explored: working with lists, use and share contacts/company records/appointments, manage notifications, secure records, merge duplicates. At the end of the day, Efficy CRM will have disclosed all its basic hidden tools. Now you will control Efficy’s basics but also its advanced usage.

You can contact us if you have any question

Learn from our certified dive instructors

Efficy Diving Academy is made up of Efficy experts committed to teaching you how to gain the necessary skills to use your Efficy CRM in an efficient and proactive way. Thanks to them being certified, get subsidies* each time you attend our training sessions.

* those subsidies are available for companies located in Belgium

Who Should Attend?

Every experienced Efficy user could attend this course. Basic knowledge of Internet usage is required. You should also have attended either Efficy Essentials (TRB-01) or Efficy Quick Essentials (TRB-02).