Efficy acquires Royal App Force to integrate gamification app
Dominique Mangiatordi and Cédric Pierrard with Peak Me Up logo

Efficy NV Acquires
Royal App Force NV

Efficy CRM will be the first European CRM solution with integrated gamification thanks to the Peak Me Up mobile app

Brussels, April 11 2016 – Efficy NV is acquiring software company Royal App Force NV. Royal App Force was founded by Liège resident Dominique Mangiatordi, among others, at the end of 2014.

Its mobile app, Peak Me Up, uses gamification techniques to motivate sales teams and keep them focused on activities that generate revenue for their business.

Here is a brief video (30 sec) about Peak Me Up :
The next version of Efficy CRM will be one of the world’s first CRM (customer relationship management) systems to incorporate gamification techniques at the heart of the software, and will include modules inspired by Peak Me Up.

All of Royal App Force’s workforce are being retained and will be integrated into Efficy NV with immediate effect.

Dominique Mangiatordi, CEO of Royal App Force, will be co-shareholder and Marketing Manager of Efficy NV and will also become a member of its executive committee.

Following the acquisition, 88% of the shares of Efficy NV will be held by management and various employees. The remaining shares will be held by Cruxis bvba.

“Gamification is the future,” says Cédric Pierrard, CEO of Efficy NV. “Our CRM solution has always had the aim of making users’ lives easier, and we have always ensured that data entry is as easy as possible. Gamification takes things one step further.

Users will be motivated to enter data, and as a result they will become more engaged. Gamification will not only be integrated for sales staff, but also for support staff, administrative staff, technical specialists and others. Integrating gamification techniques in the heart of our CRM software may make us the first genuinely gamified CRM system in Europe, and one of the first in the world,”
says Brussels-based entrepreneur Pierrard.

Both solutions, Efficy CRM and Peak Me Up, will continue to be sold by Efficy NV.

At the same time, gamification techniques and a number of Peak Me Up modules will be integrated into the new version of Efficy CRM.

Peak Me Up currently only exists in the form of a mobile app, but the new version of Efficy CRM will make the functions of Peak Me Up available on standard computers as well as mobile devices.

“Gamification is the latest key trend in sales,” said Dominique Mangiatordi, CEO of Royal App Force.

“Our clients have seen sales activities easily increase by 25%, so our mobile app provides an impressive return on investment. Sales managers have access to both greater amounts of and more accurate information, allowing them to provide their staff with coaching based on actual data.”

If you would like to receive further information or arrange an interview, please contact marketing@efficy.com

About Efficy

Efficy is a CRM solution that was developed entirely in Belgium. The software can be used to manage contacts, customers, databases and marketing campaigns.

Efficy helps its users by linking data semi-automatically, which enables them to retrieve data quickly. Being a Belgian solution, Efficy is easy to customise.

The first version of the software was launched on the market in 2005.

The most recent version of Efficy is available in Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Spanish and Turkish. Efficy CRM has over 55,000 users in some 1600 companies in 9 countries.

Efficy NV employs around 100 people at its offices in Brussels and in Paris and Aix-en-Provence (France), Windhof (Luxembourg), Utrecht (Netherlands), Geneva (Switzerland), and Istanbul (Turkey). Companies that use Efficy’s CRM solution include BECI, Ingenico Group, CBRE, Kinepolis, Eiffage Benelux and BOZAR.

About Royal App Force NV and Peak Me Up

Royal App Force SA was established in Liège in 2014 by Dominique Mangiatordi, Christophe Gossiaux and Catherine Baltus.

The first version of their mobile solution, Peak Me Up, was launched in Belgium and France in 2015.

The software is available in the form of a mobile app (Android and iOS), and motivates sales staff by displaying information on their smartphones concerning their position in the team and personal challenges as well as animations, among other things.

Sales managers have a real-time dashboard and use the app to provide live mobile coaching through a messaging system. Peak Me Up is used by some 2900 salespeople in Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Australia.

The companies that use Peak Me Up include Bacardi, Continental Foods, Niko, Imperial Tobacco, Royco, Publicis, Allianz and Saint-Gobain.

Royal App Force has five employees, who will be integrated into Efficy NV’s global team with immediate effect. Royal App Force/Peak Me Up came first in Trends magazine’s ranking of the top 50 most promising Belgian start-ups for 2015 (services category).

For further information, please visit www.royalappforce.com and www.peak-me-up.com