Improve your customer satisfaction with Efficy Tadi

Today Efficy CRM enables you to manage your customer relationship in an efficient way.

Because of specific features marketing automation, geo-marketing and business intelligence, you enhance your customer relationship with the Marketing module before, during and after the sale process.

From now on Efficy drives your Customer Relationship further!

Ready for a try?

TADI artificial intelligence and machine learning enables you to see all the comments, suggestions or complaints from your customers. The objective? Improve continuously your service, quality and customer satisfaction throughout your network: subsidiaries, agencies, shops, etc.

Evaluate your services

You want to:

  • Measure and improve the service quality for your company?
  • Évaluer en temps réel la satisfaction de vos clients ?
  • Enhance your Net Promoter Score (NPS)?
  • Make your customers loyal and convert them into ambassadors for your brand?

Efficy offers you TADI, a solution complementary to your Efficy CRM.

Analyze the results

You have two analysis levels with TADI dashboards, updated in real time:

  • A synthetical view on your quality indicators: by city, by sector, etc.
  • Or a detailed view on these indicators: agency by agency for example.

Alerts in real time enable you to adapt your action plans and make decisions with your customer services, your sales representatives or your marketing department.

Make your customers loyal

Make a customer loyal is cheaper than conquer new ones. In addition, measure your customer satisfaction has become fundamental.

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