Efficy CRM E-mail Module

Efficy CRM E-mail Module

Sort your e-mails with Efficy CRM
and centralize your information

Centralize all your emails, those you send and those you receive. From Outlook or Lotus, save them in Efficy CRM . In comparison to Outlook linear ordering, Efficy CRM brings a multi-dimensional approach and links your e-mails to any entities/modules you like. A saved e-mail can be linked to a contact, a company, a department, a document (invoice, offer, etc)...

Thanks to the synchronization of your mailbox, you can save, in one click, each important e-mail in your Efficy CRM database. When you do so, Efficy CRM also automatically links the relevant contacts (senders and receivers) to the e-mail you just saved, making the tracking and saving process faster.

This means that, at any time, you can hand a project/customer over to a colleague. He/she will see all the e-mails linked to this project/customer and be able to continue the work that has been done so far. You never lose any information about your customer and guarantee the total satisfaction of your customers. .

In addition, the synchronization possibilities with your mailbox also enables you to receive and send meeting invitations from/to colleagues or customers. Once the invitation has been accepted, it is automatically saved in your Efficy CRM Agenda, which means you can manage your time effectively.

With this advantage, anyone in your company can view your agenda and plan a meeting accordingly. Your team management is collaborative and made simpler with a CRM solution.

We send e-mails everyday, this is why Efficy CRM is also equipped with an e-mail module that allows you to send e-mails to your contacts in an almost automatic way just by clicking on the icone.

Of course, this e-mail is fully customized with your contact's details. You can create standard e-mails with fields that will be instantly adpated to your contact's personal information once the e-mail is sent. In that way, offers, terms and conditions documents, invoices, etc. are sent in a matter of seconds and still l100% customized to your customer.