CRM for construction equipment manufacturer: case study Emily and Efficy CRM

Case study: Emily

About Emily

Emily is a material handling equipment manufacturer whose machines are used in agriculture, industry, construction…

It is located in Brest (France).

For over 41 years, Emily has been producing machines used in various domains such as agriculture, industry, construction or green space maintenance.

Emily’s R & D department and its experience in numerous different fields (hydraulic, folding, cutting, welding, painting…) allow them to study any inquiry for specific designs in a number of different domains.

Thanks to its innovative technology and its efficiency, Emily is one of the leaders on the market.

Initial CRM needs

In 2010, faced with growing competition and a harsh economic situation, Emily had to optimize its commercial organization.

That is why the company decided to invest in a CRM software that was suited to its industrial activity.

On top of that, the other criteria was the compatibility with the Microsoft ERP system, Dynamics NAV.

“We wanted better collaboration in the sales team, both for inside and field sales reps. For this to happen, we needed a reliable and flexible CRM app to help employees on a day-to-day basis. Using a CRM was the only way we could make sure the information and data would always be available, complete and up to date."

It was important to the company that the CRM be simple and user-friendly, so its use doesn’t require long and tedious training.

Ever since the CRM has been implemented, the sales manager has been able to get a real time overview of the ongoing sales.

Emily was also able to integrate the important information that was until then kept outside of the system available to sales reps (for instance the accounting data available only through the Dynamics NAV ERP).

Finally, Emily wanted a solution that could be quickly set up and easily customized.

Efficy’s partners “ExpandIT” met these time and budgetary constraints.

After a first meeting at the end of April 2010 and the beginning of the implementation mid-June, Efficy CRM was operational at the beginning of July.

Originally, there were 16 users (among which 9 field sales reps) of Efficy, but after a few months the number of users went up to 20 (of which 14 use the CRM outside the office).