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2020 is unlike any other year. The cause: Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). This unprecedented crisis requires massive and rapid mobilization. Everyone can help at their level, staying at home, or engaging in the fight against the pandemic. Sabine Quiévreux, project manager, asked for an employee placement agreement from Efficy, her employer. She currently devotes 100% of her time to the French Red Cross, through the local unit at Bagneux (France, Department 92). Immersion at the heart of its solidarity commitment.

Between professional life and volunteering

Sabine Quiévreux works as a project manager for Efficy, a CRM software publisher (Customer Relationship Management software). Her daily life? Plan projects, implement appropriate actions, prioritize them, and communicate with clients and developers.

In parallel, a year and a half ago, she volunteered with the French Red Cross in Bagneux. Firstly, as an assistant to recruitment, her role was to explain the missions of the local unit (LU). Then, after having followed the required training, she became interested in social actions such as the “Vestiboutique” (reception and listening place for people in difficulty, and which is also a solidarity shop to acquire textiles at low cost or free from donations) and the marauders (roaming the city to maintain social ties with homeless people).

Sabine Quievreux
Sabine Quiévreux, project manager with Efficy volunteer to the French Red Cross in Bagneux


COVID-19, this virus that disrupts everything

While almost half the world’s population is confined and some are fighting the virus, the most fragile and isolated people need help. Sabine, therefore, continues her actions with the French Red Cross in Bagneux, first in the evening, and at weekends to successfully carry out her work at Efficy and her associative commitment.

But, in mid-March, she became aware of the health and social emergency of this unprecedented crisis and contacted the Human Resources Department of Efficy to consider a new way of working.

Light workload, increased solidarity commitment

With offices in France, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands, Efficy is a definitively European company where staff travel is numerous, which brings Carolien Colpaert, HRD of Efficy, to follow the COVID-19 crisis with attention. “I am in constant contact with the teams and I quickly understood that the situation was critical, that we would need reinforcements. But I still didn’t know how Efficy could help”, she explains.

Carolien Colpaert
Carolien Colpaert, HRD d’Efficy


Efficy believes in corporate social responsibility. As proof, one of its values is “We care”, in other words listening to its customers, its ecosystem, and its employees. It was therefore without hesitation that the company agreed to support Sabine in her request: to reduce her workload to devote more time to her voluntary actions. Her team, the project team, was therefore consulted to see how to reorganize and facilitate the transfer of files while limiting the internal impact (workload of colleagues) and external (relationship with customers).

Faced with these exceptional circumstances, we appreciate Sabine’s solidarity commitment and we released her as quickly as possible,” adds Carolien Colpaert.

100% available now for the benefit of the most vulnerable

At the end of March, Sabine Quiévreux discovered that it was possible to benefit from an employee placement agreement. This is a concept that is relatively unknown, both by employers and by employees. Concretely, it is an agreement, a written contract, which allows a company to free up time for an employee who wishes to engage in associative actions, especially in the event of a crisis. The company is free to choose the level of availability. Efficy has decided to release Sabine 100% from all professional obligations. And this, for a limited period, stipulated in the agreement.

The advantages of this? It is very quick to set up, the remuneration of the employee is maintained and the company benefits from tax compensation. In short, everyone wins! » explains Sabine Quiévreux.

With the COVID-19 crisis, the poorest people need support. Efficy therefore accepted an employee placement agreement at 100% of one of its employees for the benefit of the French Red Cross in Bagneux.


What are the HR implications?

For Carolien Colpaert, HRD of Efficy, “my biggest concern was the coverage of accident insurance since Sabine remains in office during this mission to the French Red Cross. With the support of my team, we contacted our mutual insurance company and our accountant to be certain about the risks, the coverage, etc. This is a situation never seen before by many parties. However, we had reassuring information that enabled us to release Sabine as quickly as possible given the urgency of the situation.

Daily crisis management with the French Red Cross

This employee placement agreement at 100% allows Sabine to act as a reinforcement on the COVID-19 operations management team within the Bagneux Local Unit. Her goal? Organize the planning of volunteers on the activities of the local unit of the French Red Cross and ensure coordination with the town hall.

Sabine Quiévreux, on a mission for the French Red Cross in Bagneux, receives hydro alcoholic gels.


Sabine relies on her project management skills but concedes that “the operation is quite unusual because it is a just-in-time logistics with many volunteers who work in parallel at the hospital and have very short visibility on their availability

Her daily life is intense, reflecting the crisis in the world. She jumps from mission to mission “so that we can be sure we have the necessary equipment and operate in the best possible way“. Some examples: Maraudes, national hotline “Red Cross at home”, delivery of essential food baskets or medicines, telephone support for isolated people or nursing homes, occasional reinforcement to the SAMU for the transport of patients… All these actions require protective equipment that Sabine and the other volunteers try to allocate as well as possible.

How can you go further? How can you help?

Several tracks:

  • Talk about the employee placement agreement around you

This concept is very little known and yet so useful in this unprecedented period! Feel free to talk about it, share this article by email, on social networks, etc.

  • Donate with your restaurant tickets

Edenred supports the French Red Cross. Donations with your Ticket Restaurant® Card are possible every day, except Sunday and public holidays. If you have paper tickets, it’s possible too. And for information, 1 restaurant voucher = 7 meals distributed. Find out more.

  • Make a one-time or monthly donation to the French Red Cross

In this period of crisis, the call for donations is essential to maintain essential missions, to strengthen relief and protection actions for the victims of COVID-19 and to listen to isolated people. And don’t forget that donations to associations are deductible at 75% of your taxes. Find out more.

  • Get involved if you can and want to. Otherwise, stay at home!

Either way, take care of yourself. And don’t forget that together we are stronger. We are counting on you!

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