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This post was written by David Jiménez

Have you ever wondered how to improve your Customer Relationship? We have found that good customer management does not only improves the customer experience, but does also the company’s revenue. In this article, we’ll share three tips to give your Customer Relationship a boost: listening, data analysis and the CRM as a must-have tool.

What is Customer Relationship?

Customer Relationship is the keystone of the development and growth of every business.

The importance of technological innovations for Customer Relationship is based on the fact that companies now have better customer knowledge and can better determine their needs and anticipate their purchasing decisions. It is also the key lever to personalize the customer experience, build loyalty and turn him or her into an ambassador.

How to improve your Customer Relationship

Listen to your customers and answer them correctly

Let’s take advantage of this topic to share negative feedback about customer relationship. Last week, I was looking for a supplier for a project I’m working on. I asked for several quotes. Out of the 6 companies contacted, 5 responded, some by phone.

And then what a mess!

One of these calls was interrupted because the person of contact was out of battery. The other person was in the subway and the call quality was bad. I received 2 quotes without details. In short, only one company took the time to know more about the project and to make the best estimate possible.

Then yes, without a doubt: the understanding of the needs is the first step of a good Customer Relationship. It allows you to offer your customer solutions that really match his/her needs and in which she/he will trust. Result: she/he signs and your turnover is green!

Analyze your data by grouping them in advance

Once you have obtained all the necessary information from your prospects, you will have to save them in a single tool. You will then be able to link them to companies, contacts, projects, tasks, and share them with the other services involved.

This allows you to have a 360 ° customer view with all the information in one place.

A good customer relationship management also helps to monitor, classify and measure consumer behaviour. If you organize this data correctly, you can cleverly segment leads and customers and send them a personalized message. What’s more unbearable than receiving a general email that does not concern you?

By customizing your communications, you will get even more information about your prospects and customers, you will do more cross-selling and up-selling, you will easily create reports on your performance indicators, and so on.

Get the right tool: an agile and easy-to-use CRM

CRM software is the key to your Customer Relationship. It is the basis of work for your sales force. It allows marketing to target their contacts more finely. It helps your accounting department to have all the billing information. It is crucial for your customer service that handles omnichannel interactions.

In short, CRM is an essential tool for any business. Small, medium or large. Local, European or international. In B2B or B2C. So are ready to improve your Customer Relationship?

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