Document templates for a better brand image

For a company and its image, it is important that all the documents follow the same graphic charter.

Document templates, because of the time they save, can also increase productivity at every level of the company.

With Efficy’s CRM solutions, document templates are easy to share and implement.

Bring consistency to your documents and your brand image

Producing consistent and high-quality documents such as business proposals, information brochures or invitations, is a significant investment.

Thanks to automatic templates hosted in your CRM, you can maintain a consistent and homogeneous branding and graphic charter across all your documents.

Make your own templates! You can then guarantee continuity in style and layout, while also being able to use the data stored in Efficy (address, references, particular indications, etc.).

Share your templates

Throughout the application, document templates are available and ready to use.

Depending on the screen the user is viewing, available templates will vary: quotes; emails; etc.

Personalise your documents with merge fields

With merge fields, you can generate your completely personalised proposals or complex contracts with a few clicks, using up-to-date information about products and prices.

With this feature, you create a template, insert fields that will be automatically populated with up-to-date data when you generate the document (name, billing address, contract/document reference, etc.).

All the documents generated from your templates will have the exact same layout, but will all be personalised automatically based on data from the database.