Simplify the planning of your sales rounds.

Urban concentration, increasing mobility costs, restrictive environmental policies… Many factors make the planning and execution of sales routes increasingly complex.

With Efficy SMB’s route optimization module, you benefit from fast planning times while respecting the business constraints of your activity.

Rethink the management of your sales rounds

Address geocoding, schedule generation, route calculation…

Thanks to the route optimization module, you can plan your itinerary in a few clicks.

You select the customers / prospects to visit, you enter your business constraints (time slots for visits, duration of appointments, place of departure and arrival …) the tool calculates for you the most relevant route. You just have to validate to integrate the visits in your schedule.

Increase the productivity of your teams!

Managing your routes is no longer a headache.
Your team becomes more productive and you can focus on growing your business.

  • Balancing of the workload
  • Respect of time slots
  • Reduction of the number of kilometers traveled
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint