Choosing freedom

Some publishers only offer a hosted mode; others only an on-premise mode; and others again offer a dedicated range of solutions for their hosted offering and another for their on-premise offer.

Efficy lets each customer decide which mode of use best suits their needs, and, whenever relevant, clients can also switch from one to another.


Subscribe a CRM in SaaS mode
"Efficy Cloud"

In its study entitled The SaaS market, IDC highlighted that the SaaS market represented 15% of the overall software market in 2017, a figure which is expected to reach 24% by 2021.

As for the CRM market specifically, SaaS CRM represents over 50% of the market.

SaaS mode, therefore, is more than a safe option. You subscribe to a yearly service, which includes the use of the software, a corrective maintenance service, the availability of new releases, as well as the hosting and the operating systems, particularly backup copies of your data. You sign up for using the solution, and do not have to worry about what goes on behind the scenes.

Use a CRM on-premise
"Efficy Subscription"

Some IT departments choose this options for a number of reasons. One key concern prompting companies to opt for an on-premise solution is security. They want to stay in control of the governance of their data.

For example, a SaaS CRM provider which hosts data in a country governed by regulations that allow the government to access data hosted on its territory could be cause for concern.

Another reason may be to host your data with the partner of your choice, and therefore not necessarily in the Efficy cloud.

SaaS or On-premise, choose wisely

Each mode of use meets different needs in terms of IT requirements. Our advice? Challenge preconceived ideas on either mode. The most important thing is: make sure you always leave yourself a way out.

If you choose SaaS CRM, make sure you will be able to get your data back in a format you can use if you choose to leave.

If you opt for an on-premise SaaS, then make sure you always have the resources and infrastructure you need to manage your CRM solution. By offering both modes and the possibility of switching from one to another, Efficy eliminates the possibility of you ending up in a precarious situation.