Efficy’s very own bicycle racer embraces the challenge of Grand Raid

François Stasse, Efficy’s very own bicycle racer, embraces the challenge and takes part in Grand Raid

Are you ready for the Grand Raid challenge? Efficy Account Manager François Stasse will take up the challenge

Efficy is proud to be taking part in the Grand Raid race by sponsoring its best racer, François Stasse, 392nd out of 560 participants in the last edition. François explains what the Grand Raid experience is and shares his training secrets.

Who is François? :)

François Stasse has been an Account Manager at Efficy for a few years already. His duties imply a lot of travelling across Belgium and Luxemburg, but, outside of working hours, he travels even more.

The Grand Raid

The Grand Raid race covers a 125km journey from Verbier to Grimentz, with a total of 5025m difference in altitude. Not a challenge for amateurs!

The Grand Raid and François

François told us he has already taken part in the race, covering a total of 68, 93 and finally 125km in 2014. If he has no issues with the mechanics of his bike, our racer says it should take him 10 hours to reach the finish line. The race has a reputation of being one of the hardest in the world. Finishing it is already a feat.

Why this superhuman challenge?

To François, the goal is mostly to "challenge myself and have a motivating training goal to ride all year long and stay in shape".

To him, good physical shape means good mental health, which is necessary to stand pressure at work and reach your commercial goals, he says. The beauty of landscapes and the atmosphere of the race are also of course some of the reasons why he decided to embrace this challenge.

François’s training advice

Taking part in such a race requires very good preparation. François’s training varies according to the season: in the last months, he plans 2 or 3 trainings during the week. More precisely, 1 or 2 hours per training on a stationary bike, or if possible, on the road. When he has the opportunity and the time, he complements his training with swimming.

On top of these training sessions, he organises biking trips on the weekend, that can last from 4 to 7 hours. On the last weekend, he pushed his limits even further by covering 200km for a total difference in altitude of 3150m. Training is a very serious matter!

By now, you will have understood that Efficy's champion was indeed very well prepared to take up this incredible challenge.

Congratulations François!