Gamification, the new way to boost your sales team !

Gamification, the new way to boost your sales team !

Gamification is the new way to motivate your sales team and make the most of their enhanced productivity.

Gamification, previously seen as a management trend, has now become unavoidable. Enterprises will more and more exploit gamification in their strategies to drive customer and employee engagement.

Studies reveal that gamification will represent up to 5,5 billion in 2018

Why Managers Are So Keen on Gamification

In his article, Gartner researcher Brian Burke says:

“Gamification can be used to nudge salespeople to enter client information, assess the quality of sales leads and follow-up after sales meetings. Following these steps leads to a more effective sales process, benefiting both the salesperson and the company.”

Gamification enables managers and directors to control, manage and get a complete overview of their sales objectives and results. For salespeople in particular, the idea of a performance-based contest is appealing because competition is part of selling. They are therefore motivated by the gamified challenge their managers designed and set up.

Gamification in various sectors

To be able to boost your people, Gamification will use gaming techniques you will find in traditional games and introduce it into a seemingly non-ludic environment. The objective is to improve long-term performance and results.

Gamification is present in sports, education...and is coming at full speed in the corporate world, boosted by the Y generation. However, to motivate one's employees, you need to be aware of their player profile in order to use the appropriate motivation levers.

Gamification in the IT Sector: Cédric Pierrard's Testimonial

Cédric Pierrard, CEO of Efficy and brought up in the generation that played Nintendo and Atari consoles, was interviewed by Kanaal Z.

In this interview, he talks about how gamification will be introduced and how it will revolutionize the ICT world.

"These techniques once used in video games will now be used to boost sales by awarding points. Points can be earned by making appointments and customer orders. The goal with this is to set a record. Vendors are thus more motivated.

The typical salesperson always wants to be the first in the team. This is part of the intrinsic nature of every salesperson. They are almost always competitive.

That is the most important aspect for motivation. Beyond that, vendors are motivated in that they must reach a certain level based on knowledge of software or knowledge of a particular technique that would make them better at their jobs.

It has now been proven that this has led to an increase in turnover of 35% for Efficy customers. This is not only due to gamification, but also to the increased focus of the company culture on employee motivation.

With the rankings, the person coming last will not become demotivated, but the sales manager will be able to precisely adjust so that the vendor will still try to reach their target, for example by setting up a new challenge.

Gamification is about to really break through. According to Gartner, gamification will increase its turnover from 1-2 billion dollars up to 5 billion dollars within a few years. A good time, then, for this investment by Efficy."

The Four Player Profiles

There are 4 different player profiles with different motivation levers :

– The Killers: they play 3D shooting or sports games

– The Achievers: they play Farmville or Candy Crush Saga

– The Socializers: they play Guitar Hero

– The Explorers: they are passionate about Sim City & Civilization

If you want more information about the different profiles, have a look at the speech of Dominique Mangiatordi, expert of gamification.

Among your sales representatives, you should mainly find Killers, that is, people always looking to come out on top.

Therefore, to motivate your team, you need to use a few different motivation levers.

The first one is Feedback and Progression: In a well-developed game, instant feedback is the key. We all want to know how and when we progress.

Stable and Clear Rules come as second lever. Indeed, Real life is hard. A game brings comfort thanks to clear rules, transparency and justice for all players.

Finally, Projection guarantees that, in the game, you’re not exactly yourself. You’re the character.

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