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Gilles Hocepied, Sales Manager at Agilos, points out the benefits of Business Intelligence and analytical CRM. In this interview, Gilles talks about the benefits of Business Intelligence and analytical CRM.

What is Business Intelligence?

We had the pleasure of receiving Gilles Hocepied, Sales Manager for the Business Intelligence company Agilos.

Business Intelligence is the capacity to extract and use information from computer systems in order to allow decision-makers to anticipate trends, analyse situations, and take the right decisions at the right moment. That being said, over the last few years, a new element has started to emerge: time!

Timing has gotten more and more important: in order to highlight a behaviour, a series of events… you need to give the right information at the right moment. Business Intelligence is no longer a tool that is used occasionally; it is used on a daily basis, if not in real time!

How is Business Intelligence complementary to CRM?

CRM is one of the fundamental elements to business management. ERP allows you to see past and present information, but it does not predict future trends in company business.

CRM allows you to get sales forecasts, profiling, segmentations… All matters at the heart of company activity. This will give you very beneficial double insight not only on past information, thanks to ERP, but also on future developments thanks to your CRM.

What are the concrete benefits of Business Intelligence for CRM, i.e. analytical CRM?

One of the first elements is the analysis of the relationship between the different components of the company, such as sales forecasts and commercial team activity (business portfolio, meetings, leads…). Also, it allows you to characterize profiles and behaviours, which enables you to identify business opportunities in the company database and thus define commercial actions to undertake (for example, inactive or promising customers…).

BI also allows you to analyse purchasing behaviour, or do cross selling…

It becomes then possible to make projections based on factual information, to define what has happened in order to anticipate the future (for example, sales forecasts, conversion rates…). Finally, CRM and Business Intelligence are complementary because their combination offers a 360° view of business potential, turnover achieved, requests to the technical support team…

CRM brings out data, Business Intelligence conveys it in a simple and understandable way. Thanks to analytical CRM, your customer knowledge is 100% complete.

Efficy CRM, your analytical CRM tool

In order to optimize data presentation and analysis, a dashboard management set has been developed in Qlik Sense and integrated to Efficy CRM. This dashboard can produce several interactive and dynamical reports that allow you to visualize the different company activity indicators in real time.

Qlik Dashboards

These dashboards enable you to find an answer to all your questions and to dig up all the relevant information to develop your activity. Thanks to these interactive and intelligent visualisation tools, your company becomes more agile.

Your strategical decisions will be supported by an advanced and reliable analysis of your data. In a few clicks, you can modify a dashboard and find the answers to your questions.

Thanks to their intuitive interface, these analytical dashboards are easy to use and share. The different graphs also allow you to turn complex data into a dynamical system that is easy to decode.

It becomes very easy to find information about the breakdown of your revenue by region, by commercial team, by product, etc. You can also, in real time, look up sales opportunities for an account manager or a facility in particular.

Efficy CRM Qlik Dashboard

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