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Give your real estate agents mobility and flexibility with Efficy CRM.

With Efficy CRM, it is possible for your agents to look up data on your database at any moment and on any device, iPad or mobile phone.

Efficy CRM is ultra-mobile

Your agents can make appointments and look up all the information relating to any of their properties on their laptop or iPad.

Thanks to these mobile possibilities, Efficy CRM is a channel for customer relationship:

The mobile version of Efficy allows you to:

  • Look up all the requests for visits or information regarding your website
  • Create an appointment with a potential buyer in their agenda
  • Look up personal information about a potential buyer / vendor
  • Look up all the information and documents relating to a property (localisation, characteristics, minutes, leases, insurance policies, etc.)
  • Calling or sending emails to potential buyers
  • Taking photos of the property
  • Taking notes about the property
  • Running targeted searches for properties that fit the criteria of a potential buyer


Keep track of all the interactions your agents have

During visits, Efficy CRM allows your agent to have direct access to all the info relating to the property.

Whether it is about building charges, official documents (minutes, EPB, etc.), information relating to the owner of the property, etc. Your agent has the answers to any questions.

If your prospect wasn’t convinced by the visit, your agent can easily suggest other properties after running a quick and targeted search in your database.

They can then read the information relating to these properties and plan a new visit with the potential buyer right away.

Adapt your offer to your customers

Is your customer looking for a property?

No problem, with Efficy CRM, you can produce digital brochures that are adapted to the needs of your customer.

VYour agents can select the properties that fit the requirements of your customer and produce, in one click, a brochure that can be sent to them. Read our article here.


Real estate industry Social housing industry
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