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Only 40 to 50% of large companies are equipped with a CRM solution. Let us demonstrate in 5 points how a CRM can boost your performances.

Only 40 to 50% of large companies and probably less than 25% of small companies are now equipped with CRM solutions, or Customer Relationship Management solutions. We live in a world where the understanding, analysis and personalised use of customer (and prospect) data, are THE decisive competitive advantage.

With around 60,000 users, Efficy CRM is the solution that is currently deploying itself all over Europe thanks to a series of combined assets. Do not hesitate to compare it to the other solutions on the market by clicking here.

Reason #1 : Optimise your sales process

Your company is growing. Your commercial team is almost complete. Your sales cycle covers, at best, 2 to 3 steps/appointments before you can hope to close a deal with a prospect. You wish to optimise this process in order to:

-Avoid any loss of information;

-Know your prospects and their expectations, which evolve and become clearer as the sales process is going on;

-Have clear information at your commercials’ disposal. Including when, as it sometimes can happen, the different stages of the sales process are not being handled by the same person.

Beyond the opportunity of collecting a mass of individual information about each prospect, imagine what possibilities an intelligent tool could give you in terms of data analysis.

Getting more and more insight into the perfect sales cycle in your particular domain.

The one that gives you the best conversion rate.

CRM solutions are often sold as modules, the SFA module being one of them. Opt for a solution that adapts to you and not the contrary. Your sales cycle is unique. Efficy CRM has understood this and allows you to deeply customize your SFA module.

Reason #2 : Retain your customers

A good customer relationship software allows you to access all your contacts information and data, so you can efficiently launch actions that create customer loyalty: email marketing, marketing automation, customized messages, behavioural notifications. A professional CRM software allows you to personalise and supplement this data with details about your past appointments, your customers’ wishes, etc.

Reason #3 : Access your data from wherever you are

Think mobile. Make sure that your CRM solution allows a comfortable, secure and permanent access to your data on your mobile device (tablet or smartphone). Without a mobile CRM, your team will lose in efficiency.

Reason #4 : Improve your customer service

With Efficy CRM, you will collect a great deal of useful information about your customers, especially about their interactions with your support team, their complaints, their ongoing orders, their preferences. Act, and, better yet… Anticipate.

Reason #5: Stimulate your sales team’s commitment

Efficy CRM has developed a unique tool, Peak Me Up, a mobile application to motivate your sales teams. Peak Me Up integrates your commercial actions (sales, appointments, trainings…) in a recreational app that allows you to create commercial challenges, define goals, stimulate performance AND collaboration in your teams.

With around 6000 users, Peak Me Up is an exclusive coaching tool that won a number of prizes in France and Belgium. It can improve productivity by 5 to 34% depending on the cases.

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Collaboration CRM project CRM tool
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