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This post was written by Laetitia

As Chief Marketing Officer at Efficy, the CRM editor, I am doubly sensitive to the quality of the data that is in my CRM. Firstly, like any marketer, data is my raw material. Secondly, I spend my time writing articles or animating webinars to tell our customers that data quality is essential. So, this summer, it’s decided, I’m starting to “clean” this summer. Why this period? Operationally, there are fewer events and new contacts are fewer.

From these cleaning activities, here are 5 best practice to improve your CRM data quality:

Designate yourself as volunteer!

The quality of the data should be everyone’s business but unfortunately, it is far from the case. So, if you want to improve your CRM data quality you need a data quality manager. Since we are the first ones interested (and the first impacted…), it’s time to stick to it. I advise you to set up KPIs (number of contacts without an e-mail address, number of companies without t activity sector filled in, number of contacts whose language is not available …) and make a point regularly (once quarterly) to correct defects that have occurred in the meantime.

Do not be afraid to throw away data!

Adopt Marie Kondo’s method and delete all contacts that are no longer useful to you. You will be compliant with the GDPR and you will focus on the target audience for your communications. For my part, the purge tool in the CRM helped me a lot. And then, for the data I still needed for statistical purposes, I simply anonymized them.

Go hunting for duplicates!

Like you, I had duplicates in my CRM. Despite all the warnings I had set up at the time of the creation of the contacts, some persistent stubborn colleagues managed to create duplicates. So the summer is the ideal time to use the function “Massive destruction of my duplicates a posteriori” in my CRM. Some criteria are unstoppable. I based myself on the mobile number for myself. But to each sector its criteria …

Measure the number of required fields!

To prevent data quality from looking like Sisyphus’ torture, I have tried to find the right balance between useful data and the data I only need occasionally. Thus I limit the risk that could lead my salespeople to enter their contacts in an Excel file instead of the CRM.

Accept not to have the exact reflection of reality!

For your targeting, it is important to group people together to optimize your communications. So “too bad” if the marketing manager is in the same box as the marketing director or the CMO, they will all receive the same communication.

This are our best practice to improve your CRM data quality

Ok, this work has been done, believe me, I will enter the “back to school” season serenely because I know my ROI will come out improved. Happy come back to all and see you during your next vacation for the cleaning!

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