Exhausted sales representative

This post was written by David Jiménez

I have goals to meet each month, that creates incredible stress because I know I could easily meet them, but I actually cannot. I am a commercial exhausted even if I have a lot of potentials but I use it badly because I don’t have the basic work tool of all commercials.

My time is gold and I spend it badly

I am always on the move here and there visiting my clients and looking for new ones. I do not want to waste more time on paperwork, search for more efficient commercial routes, write my business reports for hours at night, call my boss to tell him what happened with the meetings, send emails when I finally get the internet, and above all fed up with not having Information at once when I need it. A commercial job is very demanding, stressful and it is difficult to keep a record of all commercial activities without forgetting something. I want to spend my time thinking, being productive, being proactive, being efficient in my work, and in my personal life and making lots of money.

Because I know there is a solution and I want it boss!

Some of my complaints:

Has it happened to you to drive miles and then realize that you also had 2 or 3 prospects to visit in the area, but you had forgotten them? Well I know there is a solution for this, it is called “Optimize the commercial routes with Geolocation“, and I want it boss! Thus I can see all the sales potential in this area.

We are in the middle of the month, and I have not returned to the office for a while… I do not have my updated pipeline, my opportunities, my tasks, I do not know what I need to accomplish my goals. I do not have all the information for my client appointments either. Well, I know there is a solution, it’s called “mobile CRM, mobility”, it’s very important for me and I want it boss!

I spent, without exaggeration, at least 2 hours to write the report of my commercial appointments, update everything in order not to lose or forget the information, and believe me, I am not a person who likes to type (besides it costs me a lot and the evening I want to spend my time with my family). Well I know there is a solution, it’s called “having a CRM with document management and in the cloud” and it’s easily integrated with the CRM, and I want it boss!

Yes, I have lost my motivation, in the end, I am a commercial, I work with the carrot and I need a boost from time to time, in the offseason. There is this app that helps you to sell more, which is like a game, with which I can compare my results with other commercials and win something. Well, it’s called “gamification“, and I want it boss!

I’m sure you do not want this also:

  • Reports that are lost or thrown inadvertently, oups!
  • Communication with our customers is inconsistent among all employees
  • Spreadsheets are difficult to update, interpret and keep in sync with the team. Very difficult to calculate our commissions…
  • We hide valuable information from our customers in our inbox or we keep the information in our heads…
  • In short, you do not want a commercial burned or boring.


So, if you want an efficient commercial team, you know what you have to do…

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Exhausted sales representative
I’m a commercial and I’m exhausted
Exhausted sales representative
I’m a commercial and I’m exhausted