Manage Chamber organisational affairs with Efficy’s CRM solution

Every day, CCIs (Chambers of Commerce and Industry), Agricultural Chambers, Chambers of Trade or for the small business sector contribute to the economic development of local and regional organisations. They assist entrepreneurs, start-ups and business assignors and purchasers, support entrepreneurial projects, coordinate collective actions involving tens of thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs at both the regional and national level.

In a local context or regional context, Efficy CRM provides CCIs with all the tools they need to manage their customer relationship:

  • providing improved service to companies and entrepreneurs,
  • sharing information in a secure and effective manner,
  • allowing for a more efficient handling of processes

The purpose in all of this: to defend the interests of their members.

The main Customer Relationship challenges for consular organisations

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    Building a sound and reliable commercial database
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    Monitoring cases in real-time
  • picto
    Managing requests

Develop the relational experience of constituents

Efficy CRM: Chamber organisational relations made easy!

Chamber organisations can easily coordinate collective events (seminars, breakfasts, etc.) and implement their communication strategy (e-mailings):

  • surveys and observatories,
  • personalised and tracked newsletters,
  • mailing lists,
  • campaigns and digital operations.

Enhanced availability and reactivity

Efficy CRM for Chamber organisations offers an efficient multichannel contact center (in person, phone, mail, on-line):

  • shared and publishable knowledge base
  • request monitoring and request progress measuring
  • computer telephony integration (CTI)
  • optimized call flows (dispatched to different lines depending on the profile of the caller),
  • automatic monitoring of turnaround times and automatic alerts

Managing your customer relationship efficiently

With CRM solutions for Chamber organisations, producing business activity reports is quick and easy because our software can:

  • generate statistics and dashboards (including indicators which are specific to CCIs).
  • create personalised analysis libraries,
  • monitor project creation, offers and events in real time.

Create an efficient commercial database

Efficy CRM for Chamber organisations helps advisors build a comprehensive marketing and commercial database:

  • full database of businesses, organizations and institutions; associations, networks, constituents, etc.
  • product & service catalogue,
  • cross-referencing of concerns/services provided,
  • centralise and log all requests,
  • direct links to consular records,
  • networking features for business creators
  • “Advisor” dashboard,
  • ensuring data quality (deduplication, Postal address standardization norms, etc.),
  • partition local/regional data
  • easy integration with CCI.NET tools, Chamber organisational records, and project initiators.

    CRM references in the sector of Chambers of Commerce

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