With Efficy’s CRM solution, nurture your Customer Relationship

Retail, distribution and franchise networks or e-commerce are all affected by today’s digital transformation.

E-commerce, click and collect, digitalised points of sale, showrooms or increased mobility are but some of the challenges to be met in order to enhance sales and not only attract but also retain consumers with rapidly-evolving habits.

This demands constant innovation in terms of marketing, product offering and user experience. Especially in the retail industry, investing in a simple, innovative and, most importantly, agile CRM solution has become a necessity.

Customer relationship management for retail

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    Optimise customer loyalty
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    Monitor the path-to-purchase in order to offer the right product at the right time
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    Ensure consumers receive impeccable service
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    Meet your consumers wherever they are

Leverage your Customer Relationship to enhance consumer loyalty

Offering a personalised and timely approach when consumers are already overloaded with offers has become paramount. Retaining them is crucial. How can this be achieved? Through a refined segmentation of your database of customers and prospects. This is precisely what Efficy’s CRM solutions can deliver for retailers. A CRM for retail must also pay special attention to protecting personal and consumer data. These turned it into a competitive argument for brands.

Digitalise your point of sale

Access your CRM directly from your stores. More and more store attendants are equipped with tablets on which to access customer data (loyalty points, claims sent to the consumer service, etc.). They will no longer need to check the CRM database on the store’s PC, and can access it wherever they happen to be in the store.

For those who have connection problems from their stores, Efficy’s CRM can be accessed in offline mode.

Make your consumer service a driver of growth

Dissatisfied consumers are usually quick to talk about it, so it is imperative to deal with claims as promptly as possible. The consumer service should provide a swift response or resolution.

  • view all logs of consumer complaints
  • sort claims per product in order to perform marketing analysis
  • maintain a shared and comprehensive knowledge base, accessible by all
  • receive alerts when pre-defined response times have been exceeded

Talk to your consumers, wherever they are

Your consumers are on social media, they share their experiences on forums, some of them become influencers.

Our CRM for retail enables you to monitor these virtual platforms to detect consumers who complain about your products (and process them as a claim), identify those who complain about competitors and their products (and turn it into an opportunity) and finally, identify influencers (and include them in specific marketing actions: send samples; products for testing; etc.).

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Efficy CRM Starter will be your first CRM! Ready-to-use, it enables your sales to enhance your turnover and gain productivity.
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You want a highly configurable CRM that meets the needs of your business and your teams. Here is the ultimate solution for your sales force.
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You need a complete CRM (sales, marketing, customer service, timesheet) that enables you to centralize all customer knowledge.
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You are not in your first CRM project, you have numerous and complex customer relationship processes. With this edition, the BPM is just one click away.
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