The INRA chooses Efficy
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French INRA chooses Efficy

European CRM specialist Efficy wins its most important project in France

Since the summer of 2017 and the acquisition of Vente Partner, Efficy has been intending to speed up its growth on the French market. The European CRM specialist declared it has won the call for bids published by the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA - National Institute of Agricultural Research). “1050 software licenses will be delivered to all the members of the partnership with the institute, says François Thomas, Director of Efficy France. It is Efficy’s most significant project on the French market.”

Created in 2005 in Belgium, Efficy has spread to numerous European countries, and has been present in France since 2011. Their CRM solution is being used in numerous sectors, such as industry, distribution, IT, administrations, or banks and insurances. “Our experience in research within the Carnot Institutes was a real plus to win this call for bids, says Thomas. The INRA is now part of our 440 clients base.”

INRA: a major project that is in the development line of Efficy

The INRA is the number one agricultural research institute in Europe and second in the world in agricultural science. Its activity covers a large spectrum in the domain of cognitive research, from biology and fundamental ecology to practical applications in agriculture, food industry and environment. It relies on the diversity and the excellence of its working community: researchers, engineers and technicians, present in research as well as support to research..

In order to achieve its goals, the institute interacts with numerous partners in France and abroad: universities and colleges, research institutions, companies, territorial organisations, civil society etc. The form, content and goals of those partnerships vary. They can be about carrying out joint research actions, financing scientific projects, communicating results, sharing material or financial means or institutional cooperation, achieving coordination in certain domains, etc.

"In order to equip the INRA with an efficient information management system covering all the domains of partnership, transfer and innovation, we opted for a CRM technology, Philippe Leroy, project director, explains. The INRA and its environment is a rich and complex ecosystem of partnerships between internal and external actors; we needed a collaborative, very customizable software, that would adapt to the needs of the different actors and secure the management of dematerialized data.”

“This large-scale project will allow for better coordination between internal and external actors for a more efficient follow-up on projects and contracts. Aurélia Marquet, in charge of the project for Efficy, explains. The aim was to reinforce the management capacities of the Institute.”

Efficy competitive with the biggest names of the CRM market

The vast project around the INRA is aligned with Efficy’s goal in France: reaching a turnover of 3,5 million and integrating the top 3 of independent software providers. The INRA chose Efficy during a call for bids. “Our CRM solution is very efficient and it allows us to compete with the biggest companies on the market: we are currently winning over 35% of projects when we are put up against other companies on calls for bids” Thomas says.

About Efficy

Efficy is a European CRM solution. This software allows for the management of contacts, customers, databases and marketing campaigns. Efficy helps users bind and organise all information in a semi-automatic way, so that all the data is close at hand. The first version of the software was introduced on the market in 2006. The last version was translated to French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Polish and Turkish. Efficy CRM has over 65000 users in around 2000 companies, located all over Europe. Among the French companies working with Efficy CRM are Efectis Group, Saint-Gobain, Toupret Industrie, Olvea, Les Mutuelles du Soleil and CEA Leti. In Belgium, BECI, Ingenico Group, CBRE, Kinepolis, Eiffage Benelux and BOZAR are a few of our clients. In Luxemburg, CIPARI, CLC, Ferderspiel, ProductLife, and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology have all adopted our solution. Altogether, Efficy SA employs around a hundred people in its Brussels, Windhof (Luxemburg), Paris (France), Utrecht (Netherlands), Geneva (Switzerland), Frankfurt (Germany) and Istanbul (Turkey) offices.

About INRA

The institut National de la Recherche Agronomique is an organism placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the Ministry of Agriculture. In 2017, the INRA was made up of 8042 permanent agents, 184 research units and 45 experimental units, spread over 13 scientific departments and 17 regional centres. The INRA aims to produce and spread scientific knowledge, contribute to the national and European research strategy, enlighten public policies and decisions of private actors, contribute to the design of technological and social innovations, contribute to the training for and by research, participate in the debate on the place of science in society, and finally to organize free access to scientific data and publications. The INRA has 17 domains of innovation (agriculture - bioeconomics, environment, ...). Its ambition is to set up a strategy of partnership and communication on a regional, national and European level that is specific to each innovation domain. For more information visit :