Efficy CRM Invoice Module

Efficy CRM Invoice Module

Automate your invoicing process, gain in efficiency and productivity with Efficy CRM Invoice Module

Generating adapted invoices can be a real challenge: bill your customers more than necessary and they will be unhappy, bill your customers less than necessary and your company's financial health might be threatened.

No need to point out the administrative costs such mistakes induce and the problem it poses for your financial department and system.
Efficy CRM enables you to bill products, services but also events (workshops for example) that you organize! Use Efficy to make cumbersome tasks easy and fast !

Employees save the number of worked hours in the Timesheet Module, which also takes into account travelling, food expenses, etc.

The Timesheet Module allows you to know exactly how many hours have been dedicated to a projet or a customer. It then makes the invoicing process easier and quicker, as the Invoice Module is synchronized with the Timesheet Module.

Billing a customer is done in a few clicks. You can manage, from your product file or your timesheet, the invoice which will be directly sent to the key contact of the customer.

Once the invoice has been entered, Efficy CRM automatically keeps track of this invoice document and links it to the company and contact files of the customer. Therefore, when you or your colleagues view the history of the customer, you will clearly see all the invoices that have been sent to the customer.

It then becomes very easy to know when you need to send a payment reminder. Your financial follow up of payments is easy to manage and to improve.