The Efficy R&D team designs and builds cloud-based products that meets stringent requirements of robustness, performance and scalability while offering a high level of customization and flexibility at all levels. This makes the Efficy CRM solutions unique and loved by our customers.

When you become an Efficy R&D Developer, you’ll be involved in the creation and development of APIs, frameworks and user interfaces, and potentially assist in all aspects of the development of the software package: from database to user interface, including deployment and integration constraints. In other words, you’ll be the foundation of our product line.

Your missions

The customer’s user experience should be top of mind in everything you do. To be more precise:

  • Meeting expectations regarding the UX (User Experience)
  • Acting with a focus on performance, robustness and safety
  • The high level of flexibility and customization of the solution
  • API design and development
  • Design and development of frameworks and engines
  • Mastering the aspects of building powerful software
  • Control of database access performance, ergonomics of the user interface
  • Coping with deployment and operating constraints


The CRM solutions are unique and we want to keep staying ahead and innovative to match the high demands of our customers. Therefore, you have to meet the following technical requirements and competencies.

Technical Requirements

  • Back-end: in Java/J2E development, and object-oriented design/programming (design pattern, MVC)
  • Good knowledge of a relational market database (Postgres/Oracle/SQL Server)
  • Front-end: HTML and Javascript (jQuery, Backbone, Angular)
  • Good knowledge of Continuous Integration technologies (Git, Maven, Unit tests…)
  • Agile Methodologies (Scrum)


  • Level of studies in computer science Bac+4/5 or equivalent (BSc, MSc).
  • Autonomy and accountability: Get things done.
  • Analytical spirit and hindsight in order to propose a technical solution to a given problem.
  • Finding creative, pragmatic, simple and sustainable solutions.
  • Attention to detail.

What do we offer?

Of course, you will be well rewarded for keeping our solutions ahead of the competition. This starts as early as your first day, where you end up within a close and well-attuned team that are all passionate and motivated to deliver the best CRM to demanding and inspiring customers.

Our values ‘Openness’, ‘Efficiency’ and ‘We care’ do not only apply to our customers, but of course also to our employees. You will therefore work in one of our spacious offices where relaxation areas, a weekly fruit basket and quality coffee are standard.

And it goes without saying that there is plenty of room for a healthy work-life balance. As we are a company in full growth, you are in control of your own future.

Last but not least, we offer fun… a lot of fun! Besides ending up in an office with a pool table, we organize game nights and themed meals, as well as ‘End of Year Challenges’ and the now famous annual trip.

Who are we?

We can’t leave without some figures about the Efficy Group. We are based in 7 countries (Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Germany and Switzerland) and are a major player in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) market.

We have over 4,500 customers. Our ambition is to become the #EuropeanCRMChampion!

We see you thinking, “Where can I apply for the job?!”

Contact us directly by sending your motivation letter and CV, both in English, to: