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In the age of hyper connectivity, the use of mobile Internet has become more widespread and has made its way into the professional sphere. Therefore, in order to efficiently respond to the needs from the field, your remote sales force need a tool to help them: a mobile CRM, also know as M-CRM

M-CRM definition

M-CRM is also called M CRM. Bertrand Bathelot, associate professor of marketing and founder of the website, explains it refers to « all applications, services and content created and optimized for mobile devices, and intended to optimize and improve Customer Relationship».

M-CRM covers a great range of mobile applications. However, for this article, we will focus on those developed by Customer Relationship Management software publishers. In order to make their offer even more complete, some publishers offer access to their CRM solution from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). However, these M-CRM applications do not have to be a perfect replica of the full software. By becoming mobile, these CRM must also become lighter for a simpler and more ergonomic use.

Why is M-CRM so important?

“Real-time”: a powerful creator of expectations

Long gone are the days when the professional sphere was limited strictly to the four walls of the office. Now, we can access everything, all the time.

We are connected everywhere, to everything, in every moment. Our office fits in the palm of our hand. We cannot imagine doing without one, and in France, 73% of the population (2017 Digital trends barometer published by the French Digital Agency) has one: a smartphone of course!

To the question “what devices do you use most often to go on the Internet”, 42% of French answered “a smartphone”, compared to only 38% for computers and a meagre 7% for tablets.


Information is only one click away, and is updated in real time. As a result, our expectations too, are heightened. We expect information to be available and up-to-date in real time. In short, we want more reactivity..

M-CRM for a more agile CRM

Having up-to-date, easily accessible data from anywhere and at any time is a true competitive advantage for companies. Particularly so for sales teams who often work on the move. This distance from the head office sometimes generates problems in the flow of information, both upstream and downstream, which, in turn, is detrimental for business. Therefore, your sales force needs a powerful tool: a M-CRM.

With a M-CRM, they can update, synchronize and share information with all the departments of the company, and vice versa. With a M-CRM, they can be as efficient on the go with a tablet or a smartphone as if they were in the office. In addition to saving time for your sales force, it ensures increased productivity, performance and quality for sales management.

Mobile sales: a key driver of sales effectiveness

The leading M-CRM applications all feature a number of common decisive advantages, such as options to:

  • View and edit contacts in real time
  • Scan business cards to seamlessly upload them to the CRM
  • Create and manage business opportunities remotely
  • Notifications and reminders to organize tasks and prioritize actions
  • Synchronize files and their calendar
  • Geolocation to plan their itinerary to their next sales appointment
  • Access to dashboards and reports

This list, which is far from exhaustive, highlights the most common features of M-CRM solutions. Of course, if you need other features, ask your publisher if they can set it up for you. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

M-CRM: what you need to remember

M-CRM meets the expectations of immediacy and need for real-time information, at the same time it simplifies the work of remote sales forces. It enables them to access customer data, manage their business opportunities, prioritize their actions, share their calendar in real time, geolocate their customers and always be up-to-date with new documents made available to them.

Lastly, remember that a M-CRM is of little value if it is not synchronized. This is key to offer a unified experience to your customers on the one hand, and to simplify internal processes within the company on the other.

And before we go, here’s a quick tip for you: before choosing your CRM publisher, and if you need a mobile app, first check whether it is available on the Apple Store and Google Play to make sure it is compatible with all mobile operating systems.

After that, your next step is to think like one of our clients, Arjowiggins Creative Paper, a leading luxury paper manufacturer: “With our CRM, I do what I say, and I say what I do!”.

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