Manage After Sales Service and technical support with Efficy CRM
Customer Relationship

Manage your After Sales Service
with Efficy CRM

With Efficy CRM, manage your customer incidents and make sure your get their satisfaction back

Do you have a dissatisfied customer? Has a technical problem been a cause of complaint?

Your Customer satisfaction can easily be improved by taking simple actions… and it can have a great impact on your business.

Thanks to Efficy you can use these situations to your advantage and learn valuable lessons from them!

The deadly impact of average or bad Customer Service

-45 % of US customers will abandon an online transaction if their questions are not addressed quickly

-89% of consumers stopped doing business with a company after a poor customer service experience

-55% of consumers would pay more for a better customer experience

-83% of consumers need some degree of support during their shopping

-A + 10% retention rate will increase your profits by 30%

-86% of consumers quit doing business with a company after a bad experience (+ 59% compared to 4 years ago)

-59% of customers would try a new brand for a better customer experience

-50 % of Facebook users & 80% of Twitter users expect an answer within the day or less

How do you improve your customers’ satisfaction?

-Offer your support team modern tools like chat, extranet self service, CTI…

-Rate the answers of your customer service agents after each interaction

-Make your customer service multi-channels (email, phone, web, social media…)

-Train your customer service team

-Treat each of your customers as you would like to be treated yourself

-Do not give false promises to your customers

See how Efficy can help you get your customers' satisfaction back

Follow-up Reliability

Efficy CRM ensures that each support request is immediately redirected towards the appropriate person or department. Similarly, when an urgent issue arises, Efficy CRM assists you by automating the processing of questions to limit the waiting time for customers.

Efficy gives wings to your customer service staff. The result is an increasingly efficient service for increasingly satisfied customers.

CTI Integration

Don’t waste any more time on fruitless searches. With Efficy, you can immediately view the customer’s file, their language, invoices etc. All this information appears before even picking up the phone! This makes your employees more efficient, as they can handle more calls per day at a faster rate.

Customer Feedback

Each customer can leave feedback on the quality of the support received. For example, with slow response times, the appropriate managers are immediately informed and can take corrective action if necessary. Sales managers are also advised in case of negative feedback.

They can then immediately carry out corrective marketing measures. So every complaint or negative feedback can be transformed into an opportunity to stand out against your competitors !

Performance Indicators (KPI)

In its support module, Efficy CRM has a performance indicator that measures the daily number of solutions given by each employee and the quality of their responses. You can also see how many incorrect responses have been given per employee per day, month, quarter or year. In this way, you can measure your teams’ productivity.

Receipt Reports

Drawing on the history of interventions, questions, answers and appraisals connected with each support request, precise reports can be created which show your support team’s performance. You can evaluate the real-time performance of your team and focus on strategies to help you further improve your customer service.

Information Extranet

The Efficy Extranet enables your customers to interact with your business in a modern and friendly way.

Save valuable time by letting your customers enter themselves the different problems they face via the Extranet interface. Then keep them up to date with the current status of their query.

This means your customers have access to a limited part of your database.

The result is that employees are less involved in administrative tasks, leaving them able to concentrate on finding appropriate solutions. Customers who are not used to this approach can, of course, rely on your services in the “conventional” way.