CRM Management for all your tasks and projects with Efficy CRM
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Manage your Projects with Efficy CRM

Manage your Projects with Efficy CRM and it will tell you how profitable you are

Do you want to increase the profitability of your projects? With Efficy you can manage all the information related to a project – planning, documents, invoices, tasks, etc.

Efficy CRM measures your efficiency as well as the profitability of a project. You get real-time, key information to help you improve the monitoring and implementation of your projects such as profitability, number of hours spent, etc.

Project Management

Efficy's Project module enables you to manage your projects from A to Z. Each completed sale can mark the beginning of an implementation project or customer case file.

All the tasks and stages already accomplished or to be undertaken are brought together for examination. The timesheet allows easy data entry for everything concerning the realisation of your project and invoice management.


Do you run a service company? No more hassle charging for the hours spent on a project. The timesheet allows you to send invoices that show the exact time spent on the project by each employee.

Data entry in the timesheet is not only quick but also complete, as it takes full account of the variable costs like the diverse expense accounts.

What’s more, Efficy CRM gives you the opportunity to add your own fields to the files with elements such as the budget available, progress status, start dates, end dates, person in charge etc…

Multidimensional Access

Imagine a single Project that several departments are working on: each service can have access to specific fields – sales information, financial data, the projects progress etc.

All your associates make their contribution by entering all their information in the central database.