Efficy CRM Marketing Module & Flexmail Essentials Training

Marketing Module & Flexmail Essentials (TRS-04)

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1/2 Day
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The ScubaDiver Level

Once you have completed the Bubblemaker level, our Scuba Diver sessions will take you to a higher level. At this stage, you will become a daily user of Efficy CRM with considerable skills. Most importantly, this scuba diving experience will give you the necessary usage techniques and strategies specific to your position.

What do I get out of it?

This hands-on training will introduce you to Efficy Marketing Module and Efficy Profiles Module. You will then learn how to synchronize these two Efficy modules with Flexmail, your e-mailing tool. You will also acquire the basic skills necessary to the creation of newsletters or e-mailing campaigns. At the end of the day, managing your own events and campaigns will be an easy task for you.

You can contact us if you have any question

Learn from our certified dive instructors

Efficy Diving Academy is made up of Efficy experts committed to teaching you how to gain the necessary skills to use your Efficy CRM in an efficient and proactive way. Thanks to them being certified, get subsidies* each time you attend our training sessions.

* those subsidies are available for companies located in Belgium

Who Should Attend?

All end users who want to launch professional campaign to their Efficy database and through their powerful Flexmail e-mailing campaign tool. Few months of experience of your Efficy CRM are strongly recommended.