Efficy CRM Agenda Module

Efficy Agenda Module

Efficy CRM Agenda Module

Getting ready is getting prepared to win

Nowadays, it is common to hear talks about how to manage one's agenda. It seems we all running out of time. We cannot give you extra hours in the day but we can help you manage your time in a more efficient way thanks to Efficy CRM Agenda Module.

Add your meetings to your agenda and link them to contacts, companies or employees, projects, documents, e-mails, sales opportunities...With Efficy CRM, each module is and can be linked, this means you give sense to any of those pieces of information.

Indeed, if you have an appointment for a product demonstration with a prospect, you create the meeting in your agenda, link it to the company and key contact of this prospect, and add the PPT presentation you have prepared on the occasion.

In that way, if one month after your first meeting, you have to call back your prospect, you can go to his/her contact file and see the linked meeting and documents. The idea is to never loose track of any information.

In addition, if you need to go to your prospect's company, you can also add your travel time to your agenda so that your colleagues know when you can be reached, for example, for a call.

Plan a Meeting with Your Team

Efficy CRM Agenda Module allows you to get a complete and detailed overview of your own agenda and your employees'. It is therefore easy to plan a meeting with your team, as you can define a date according to their availability slots.

Once you create this meeting, the employees who have been linked automatically receive an invitation. Sending e-mails to set up a meeting and waiting for the answer of all parties involved is a thing of the past

Good to know: when someone who does not have Efficy CRM invites you to a meeting through Outlook, it will be added to your Outlook agenda and automatically synchronized with your Efficy CRM Agenda. So, if you are used to work with Outlook or Lotus, no problem, those agendas are easily synchronized with Efficy CRM.

All those tasks (or meetings) you add to your agenda can be edited. To know more about Efficy CRM Tasks Module, click here.