Efficy CRM Companies Module

Efficy CRM Companies Module

With Efficy CRM, nothing will escape your scrutiny anymore!

Efficy CRM equals efficiency. Your teams acquire quick access to the information they share. This is how employees gain in productivity: information is available and displayed in real time. Communication is improved and optimized.

The Companies module is designed to create index cards for companies in Efficy CRM: this is where you collect all the information your collaborators need to identify the company and find key information about your customer.

Bear in mind that Efficy CRM stores the full history of the relationship with the customer!
To identify a company easily, you enter such information as the address, telephone numbers, VAT number, client type etc. And you link any contact person employed by the company and all of its subsidiaries, local branches etc.

The buck doesn't stop here: you and your colleagues can link all documents (offers and tenders, contracts, invoices, reminders), the products you sold them in the past, the current sales opportunities you need to follow, the tasks (create reminders for invoices, call a prospect, provide technical support etc.)

In short, Efficy CRM gives you a comprehensive view of the relationship you maintain with each company. At any moment, a colleague of yours can study the client history and pick up the pieces where he or somebody else left off.