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This post was written by Arno

September 26th was the International Day of Languages. Great! But what are the similarities with a CRM? There are many. The diversity of spoken languages increases business opportunities and enriches the office experience. A multilingual CRM ensures that you can serve your clients beyond linguistic boundaries, integrate your employees regardless of their linguistic origin and, at the same time, maintain uniform business processes.

“The world is small”, but your market is growing

Alibaba, Amazon,, Airbnb… These names are known to all and beyond national and linguistic boundaries. So why shouldn’t you do the same? In many cases, a product is not tied to a territory or language, so why not increase your market share and therefore your turnover?

Although there is a demand, we must be able to provide the right supply. Today’s consumer has three criteria: 1. The product / 2. The ease of ordering / 3. The delivery time.

We are seeing the same trend as the tourism giants. is available in several languages, regardless of the main language of the hotel. Airbnb is also available in several languages, but it indicates the languages that the host understands.
The three criteria we mentioned just above also apply here: a wide range of services, easy and quick booking. The bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, unfortunately, confirms once again that those companies who do not adapt die. It does not matter how big you are.

Finally, concerning payment and distribution options, undoubtedly in Europe, there are virtually no restrictions. After all, Europe defends the free movement of goods and services. In other words, the world is getting smaller and smaller, and your market is growing.

Multilingual CRM as a source of development

You are an entrepreneur, you think big, but you act (maybe) on a small scale. You can also support your growth with CRM. That’s why you should opt for a flexible and multilingual CRM solution because it will allow you to conquer several markets, several territories. The essential: your CRM meets your current needs and can support you in the future.

But, by the way, what are the advantages of a multilingual CRM?


Thanks to a multilingual CRM, you can make the fields available in different languages by default, without affecting offers, templates, email campaigns, etc. The content and function of a field remain the same, whether it is “surname” in French, “last name” in English or “number” in Spanish. For some fields, you can make it even more dynamic by using drop-down lists or selections. Regardless of the language of the CRM software, you will always get the correct data in the appropriate fields for your model.

An example. At Efficy, we work with quote templates. These models are the same for all salespeople, regardless of the country in which they operate. Fields copied from the CRM are fixed but are available in different languages. If we ask a sales representative in France and another one in the Netherlands to make an offer with the same criteria, we receive two identical offers. Only the language is different. Consistency. Efficiency. Performance.


As your business grows, you will also need to learn new things (e.g. in a new country). A multilingual CRM allows you to quickly adapt to any new language spoken in the company. New employees can quickly use existing CRM in the language of their choice. You will not lose any data or opportunities from the first day.

The rapidity of adaptation is essential today. Your company wants to be present in international market segments, but what a pity if your competitors are more responsive. The CRM solutions offered by the Efficy group are specifically chosen for their multilingual power.

Integration with other SI bricks

The last argument we would like to express to promote multilingual CRM is the integration with the other bricks of the information system: website, accounting software, social networks, business applications, etc.

The world is at your feet

Today, it’s easier than ever to expand your business beyond borders. A multilingual CRM gives you a solid base to grow quickly and efficiently while attracting expert profiles that would like to join your teams. Ready to go?

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