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Efficy 11 is probably the most important release in Efficy’s recent years. The new version comes with a whole range of new features among which a mobile app, GDPR-compliant tools, business card scan, and many more.


Access your Efficy modules

Search, find, manage and edit your contacts, companies, tasks and opportunities. Afraid of the offline mode? All the changes you make are saved and updated when you are connected again.

Business cards scan

Going digital also means scanning business cards right? This is now possible with your Efficy mobile app. Scan the business card of your new contact (they will be impressed you can be sure!). All their contact details will soon be automatically imported into Efficy.

GDPR compliance

Are you ready for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)? Well your Efficy 11 is and so will your company be. Included in Efficy 11 is a Flexmail connector. Your contacts will be able to set their emailing preferences that will be both updated into your Efficy and Flexmail account. More information about this very important improvement will soon be communicated.

DPO tools

Your DPO (Data Protection Officer) or the person in charge of the security of your database will be supported by Efficy 11. A special report will be accessible to them so they can track all the data exports made and all the obsolete contact data that needs to be removed or updated. Thanks to this cristal-clear report, your company will be able to take the right decision to guarantee no data leak, and that is very valuable.

Security Improvement

Efficy 11 more secure than ever. With the GDPR coming in effect in 2018, it is necessary that Efficy guarantee the safety of your data, this is why security was improved.


External documents sharing

You want to share your Efficy documents with a non-user of your crm software? By sharing the link to your document, the non-user can view the document. You want to edit and modify the document in question?

No need to share the link again, the changes you made in your document are instantaneously updated and accessible with the link you previously sent.

Large file support

Your business has specific needs: heavy and specific files sometimes need to be downloaded in your crm software. This is why Efficy 11 now enables you and your collaborators to download files above 100MB up to 4GB.

Good news is: when you download/upload this kind of heavy file and switch from on to off-line connection, the uploading/downloading is deferred and started automatically when your computer is connected again.

Additional features

-Sidebar Improvement
-Duplicate prevention
-Login through social media accounts
-Agenda & tasks improved
-Peak Me Up integration
-New feeds on toolbar
-New design for your help center

If you need more information about Efficy 11 and its update, please contact us.

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