Post-Corona leiderschap

This post was written by David Jiménez

The working landscape has been completely changed by the Corona crisis. Where large open space offices were the norm, this was 180 degrees converted to individual working from home. This has a huge impact on managers. The physical distance requires a different way of leadership and it does not seem that we are going back to the ‘old normal’ soon. The question is: are you ready for post-Corona leadership?

Define your leadership style

Like everyone else, managers have been caught cold by the Corona crisis and they have perhaps felt this impact extra heavily. After all, they are only people who also have to adapt their work from one day to the next, but at the same time have to manage their team in this complex situation.

Whereas “pre-Corona” managers could often manage their teams from their own offices, they now have to do so from home with limited infrastructure and no physical view of their employees. The latter in particular sensitively expose what type of manager you are.

It doesn’t hurt to first define what type of manager you are. For this, different models are available that give you insight into yourself as a person and how you interact. You can be either someone who is difficult to adapt or someone who adapted easily and according to the situation. For example, to determine your cognitive style, you can do the ‘Cognitive Style Indicator’ (COSI). To determine what your interaction style is, the ‘Ofman Theory’ is highly recommended.

Post-Corona demands a different kind of leadership

It is now clear that employees have become accustomed to working from home and that this will continue and even strengthen in the future. In addition, the 1.5-meter economy simply does not allow it to continue with the former office design. There, too, adjustments are being made, with fewer desks available. For managers, this means adjusting their leadership and investing where necessary.

Invest in yourself

First, as mentioned earlier, it is important to discover what type of manager you are. Does this style fit with remote management? Or do you need to add certain skills here and there? Invest in training courses that strengthen you as a manager. In short, invest in yourself.

Invest in your employees

For your employees also, it is a change, do not forget that. Invest in them. Make time for one-on-one conversations, show interest in their well-being, and what worries them. Guide them (from a distance) to be able to do their work efficiently and in a structured way and determine where the bottlenecks are. Make sure they get the right (online) training to get the most out of their tools and a uniform approach.

Invest in the right tools

As mentioned in the point above: invest in the right tools so that not only your employees can work from home without any problems, but also so that you keep track as a manager. A CRM solution has proven to be a ‘must-have’ in recent months. For employees to be able to maintain the customer relationship and to continue to work together on projects. For managers to be able to generate up-to-date reports, monitor sales issues, and quickly switch to projects.

Post-Corona: new leaders will rise

As far as it was still applied, but ‘command and control’ leadership is definitively passed. Post-Corona is going to require new leadership that gives employees autonomy and confidence. Managers who can adapt to this will continue to adapt, but there will certainly be new leaders.

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