The Profile Module of Efficy CRM

Efficy CRM Profile Module

With the Profile Module of Efficy CRM, create market segments and build your communication on the interests of your customers

Profiles are just another way of segmenting your customers in Efficy CRM and gathering them in groups according to their common interests.

Those profiles greatly vary depending on your activity but mostly depending on the criteria you select for your market segmentation. You can decide to bring together all the contacts of your database who share similar characteristics.

Market Segmentation

For example, create a profile with 'all active French-speaking customers who have purchased a product in the last month'. In that way, you know these contacts will need to be targeted by your next emailing campaign as they will be more likely to respond positively to your communication actions.

Another example could be that of 'Partners interested in training sessions about Marketing Automation'. In this Efficy profile, you will find all the partners who have shown an interest in your recent training related to Marketing for instance.

It then becomes easy to know who and how you should talk to your audience.

You can of course link different profiles to a same contact or company. Those relations will help you build a very detailed picture of the company and the contact. You get to know the customer and how you should approach them thanks to and throughEfficy CRM.

Know Your Audience

When you want to reach a target segment with marketing means, think about the multi-channels actions you can take with Efficy CRM (letters, newsletters, invitations to events, promotion actions, etc.) - it is very easy to launch a campaign from an Efficy CRM Profile group .

Then, once the email or letter has been sent, your contact can also edit his/her emailing preferences. In that way, your data is always kept up to date and your communication actions are refined and straight to the point.

In Conclusion

To conclude, the Profile module of Efficy CRM is very useful for targeting and market segmentation. It is also very convenient when you need to decide which contents will be sent to your customers. If you know how to talk and how to reach your audience, your objectives become very easy to meet.