Carrefour Pro is the entity of the Carrefour Group that offers businesses a wide range of gift ideas for their employees, partners or members.

To improve its business performance, Carrefour Pro chose Efficy, a Customer Relationship Management solution. Here is an overview of this ambitious project with tight operational deadlines.

A more functional CRM system in record time

The company’s existing software no longer met the expectations of Carrefour Pro: it was not functional enough, not user-friendly enough, and its design was too complex… In short, it was time to change for Carrefour Pro

A design brief was drafted to ensure an adequate fit between the business needs and the software.

EEfficy responded to the call for tender and won thanks to its expertise. The other decisive factors: easily accessible information, customizable home page, and software

And in terms of deadlines for its implementation: just six months between the decision to change CRM and the full operational rollout of Efficy. A record!

We needed to go fast, to disrupt our teams as little as possible. Efficy was able to accompany us in this transition, with a powerful, intuitive and user-friendly software suite. Having a tool which was rapidly accepted by users greatly contributed to the success of the project.
Marion Ciappara
Carrefour Pro Project Manager - Carrefour Pro

Improved performance monitoring

Efficy offers Carrefour Pro users a wealth of new features.

Each user has his or her own customizable homepage.

At first glance, users can see qualitative and quantitative indicators as well as his list of pending tasks.

The Marketing module of the suite offers precise targeting features. All new contacts mainly met through B2B trade shows, are saved in the database, listing the origin of the interaction.

A real efficiency gain for users!

Efficy: adapting to evolving needs

In the implementation of CRM software, a project which involves both a technical and a human component, special attention must be paid to adequate user training.

So, Efficy and Carrefour Pro organized training sessions to help users gain expertise on the tool.

In addition to this, a “CRM Guide for Dummies” was created internally with screenshots of the software.

This twenty-page guide is available to all users and is a veritable “how-to” guide, with tips and tricks for optimum use.

Carrefour Pro chose to use Efficy on-premise.

The solution is scalable, which means it will grow along with evolving needs of the sector and of the company.

The teams are already working on several projects: adding administrative tasks to the to-do list of sales representatives, linking multiple opportunities to the same
action, and even linking the software suite and the product catalog to automatically generate quotes.

Carrefour Pro being an entity of the Carrefour Group, which already uses Efficy, this project enabled the company to harmonize its tools.

The Results

  • Very fast operational roll-out, and smooth transition thanks to training sessions
  • Customizable homepage with easy access to follow-up actions
  • Satisfied Efficy Sales and Marketing users

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