Co-Efficiency consolidates its customer knowledge and accelerates its commercial development with Efficy

Co-Efficience is a recruitment consultancy that assists companies in managing recruitment and the candidate experience throughout the entire process.

In recent years, the firm has added two strong and complementary areas to its talent recruitment activities: recruitment training for managers and building the employer brand.

Constantly reinventing itself in a highly competitive market, the firm relies on CRM to win over new clients but above all to centralize and capitalize on its client knowledge.

The CRM has been very favorably adopted by our teams, and it continues to be adopted by our new employees who are surprised and won over by such a successful and high-performance solution.
Benjamin Dargaud
Associate Director

The project at a glance

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Business development and loyalty, the sales force's business tool.

When you want to develop the activity of a recruitment firm such as ours, there are two essential functions in the company: recruitment and sales.

The activity is therefore divided between the software that manages the recruitment process (ATS) and the software that manages the commercial management. Before embarking on our CRM project, we were using a hybrid solution that was an ATS with a CRM brick. This solution quickly reached its limits due to its lack of commercial management functionalities.

To reach our objectives, we needed a tool that met the expectations of the sales force. That is to say, it had to be in line with the exercise of a daily and full-time commercial activity.

A winning bet, the CRM allows us to develop the performance of our teams with considerable time and efficiency savings. With a 360° follow-up of our customers, the Efficy solution allows us to precisely manage the activity via weekly and monthly reports.

After quickly getting to grips with the standard features, we pushed the customization even further by setting up a specific scoring of our customers and reduced processing times by automating tasks and reminders via BPM.

The tool has thus become central to the organization and daily work of our employees.

An ergonomic solution for the user experience

During my consultations with different market players, my priority was to find an ergonomic solution with an intuitive interface. The number of clicks to navigate from one information to another was an important indicator.

With the Efficy SMB solution we were immediately seduced. The information is organized in a clear and comprehensive way. On one page you can see the main, additional and enriched data. It’s an easy-to-use tool that is very well suited to our needs. We didn’t want to pay for a solution for which we would only use 20% of the features. With Efficy we are now closer to 80% of the functional coverage.

It’s a modular, customizable solution that’s adapted to our business.

A project deployed in 3 months

The project was implemented very quickly. Efficy’s teams supported us from the formalization of the specifications to the final user training. Including a data recovery and consolidation phase that we had underestimated a bit, the go live was completed in 3 months. As an administrator, I was quickly able to be autonomous thanks to a close relationship and exchange with the project teams and the customer service.

CRM at the heart of the IS and the customer experience.

Today, CRM has become a central element in our customer relationship management tools. The Efficy SMB solution offers many applications that are natively integrated into the tool.

From data enrichment with Corporama, to marketing campaigns with Mailjet, to the signing of our contracts with Docusign, or the gamification of our objectives with Firetiger, the CRM communicates with all the tools.

It centralizes strategic data and allows us to simplify the customer journey.

Efficy is constantly innovating to offer us new developments and integrations, which reinforces our belief that it is a competitive player in its market and a sustainable partner in our growth.

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