E Power Radio uses Efficy CRM to manage its customer relations

E Power Radio is a Dutch company that has been in existence for 20 years and sells radio advertising space on a daily basis on approximately 15 radio stations, mainly regional and with a wide listening spectrum.

Every year E Power Radio carries out 3,000 radio campaigns for all types of companies, from local SMEs to large multinationals.

We would not have achieved such sales growth if we had not had a good CRM solution.
Rolf van Schouwen
Marketing Manager E Power Radio
Radio Studio

Looking for a new CRM solution

E Power Radio has launched a call for tenders to select its new Customer Relationship Management solution. In addition to Efficy, two other CRM vendors were contacted. “We wanted to explore the market. A cloud-based CRM was one of our wishes,” explains Rolf van Schouwen, marketing manager in charge of the CRM project. “In the end, we chose Efficy CRM. By switching from WinRis to Efficy CRM, we got a good price and within a month we were up and running on the new solution.

E Power Radio has to manage a large number of contacts: advertisers, media agencies and non-advertising contacts. With Efficy CRM, it is possible to register and link the different entities with each other: companies, contacts, opportunities, projects… Emails and quotes can be sent easily using message templates. And everything is centralized and stored in the CRM solution. Dashboards allow sales people to ensure that they and management are up to date on current campaigns.

CRM at the heart of daily processes

In just under two months, the Efficy CRM solution was operational. The employees were trained and they quickly got used to it. “You have to get used to everything that is new, including a new CRM solution. But since we work with the tool on a daily basis, we quickly got used to it! The ergonomics and ease of use also contributed to the rapid acceptance,” explains Van Schouwen.

Although the new CRM solution did not bring any additional benefits for some complex tasks, it is essential for the daily processes. “And it does what it is supposed to do, what we expected from the solution has also been achieved. In fact, I can say with certainty that our sales have increased by at least 25% because Efficy CRM is at the heart of our sales process.

A customized tool to be as close as possible to the business

Since E Power Radio’s core business, namely the planning and filling of advertising space, is very specific, there are only a few specialist suppliers who develop dedicated functionalities.

So, in order to visualize the turnover of media campaigns directly in Efficy CRM, a module was developed for this purpose.

“The most important link has already been made. However, it would be ideal if we could integrate social media into our CRM. The integration of LinkedIn is one of the future developments, which is currently under consideration,” says Van Schouwen.

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  • Low value tasks now automated
  • 25% increase in sales
  • More sales efficiency and information sharing