Since 1992, GYSC (Global Youth and Student Community) has been developing and distributing student and professional cards to higher education institutions.

As the owner of the rights to the international student ISIC standard, the company offers a multi-service card to higher education institutions.

The company also offers direct sales to students to provide them with an exclusive program of benefits and discounts through a network of partners in France and abroad.

Faced with a growing business and a multiplication of its offers and services, GYSC started 4 years ago to look for a CRM solution to support its development and structure its business.

The CRM has become the central tool in the management of our business, the time savings and productivity are phenomenal, which allows us to focus 100% on our core business!
Thomas De Riedmatten
General Manager France - GYSC

The project at a glance

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The project's context

Four years ago, we were working with the good old method of using an Excel file and an email box, which wasted a lot of time in circulating information internally and efficiently dividing up tasks, especially for production and billing cycles.

We were looking for a tool that would allow us to structure our activity management and internal organization so as not to pass on to our customers the difficulties we were encountering in managing accounts.

“Our objective was to gain fluidity and especially productivity in our daily work organization.”

When we were looking for a CRM solution, we looked at a lot of tools, from the largest to the smallest, and in the end we quickly found Efficy.

Four years ago, it was the only full SaaS tool, which was a strong prerequisite in our business, where we work on different campuses. From the integration of third-party solutions such as Gmail or our Sage accounting tool, to the customization of the tool, we were able to transcribe our codes and our business language into the solution for easier acceptance of the change by the teams.

Another important point in our decision was the fact that Efficy is a publisher and integrator of its own solutions. I know from experience that it’s more complicated to work with publishers who relay to third-party integrators.

Why choose Efficy CRM?

The modular aspect of the solution made us understand very quickly that we could integrate a maximum of things according to our business constraints and not the constraints imposed by the tool.

A trusted partner

The human quality of the people we met during the qualification of our project was a decisive factor in our decision. When we integrate a tool of this type, we don’t just choose functionalities but also a trustworthy interlocutor able to accompany us in this project. Thomas, the sales manager, was able to understand our problems very well and to transcribe them functionally into the tool.

From contact management to business and more recently to invoicing, Efficy has become a central tool in our information system. Today it allows us to manage our customers, partners and suppliers efficiently and centrally. We also control internal production and communication between our headquarters and our production site thanks to ticket management. Each internal production is managed by a ticket that evolves during the production cycle for a clear and collaborative vision of its progress.

Customized support

The support provided by the Efficy teams during the deployment phase was very intense and of a rare quality. We established a relationship of trust with the Efficy teams, who were completely honest about the feasibility of the projects we wanted to implement, our expectations for the tool and the technical constraints.

A CRM can’t do everything. The Efficy consultants were able to show us the constraints that you hadn’t yet identified.

This total transparency and the business expertise of the people we spoke to allowed us to save invaluable time, which made the difference compared to other publishers.


Thanks to CRM, we benefit from transparent information on our customers with a history of the last 4 years centralized and accessible in an autonomous way for our employees. We have a global visibility of the whole activity with a considerable saving of time to access the relevant information.

We have also structured our production, we know exactly where we stand and communication between our two sites is simplified. Without Efficy it would be very complicated to work today. CRM has allowed us to free up our teams’ time to use their productivity for our business development. Efficy CRM is a support and growth gas pedal for our company.

Why do you recommend Efficy?

For all the qualities of the tool mentioned and its functional richness but especially for the quality of the people involved. It is a 100% European tool with local teams, commercially and industrially we speak the same language which simplifies the commercial relationship and saves time.

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