About Le FOREM

Le Forem is Wallonia’s public service for employment and training.

Its core activities are the insertion of job seekers within companies, as well as providing recruiting assistance and advice to employers, and public aids…

Le FOREM has more than 200 buildings, 170 points of contact and nearly 5,000 agents that make up their teams.


Le FOREM manages its activity thanks to Efficy CRM.
Manuel Rodríguez López
Director Architecture and Developments

What were the initial CRM needs?

The decision to implement a CRM was a direct result of directives arising from the management contract, the business plan and the IT department’s strategy.

The IT department was in the process of setting up the technological building blocks such as an ESB (Entreprise Bus Service), a workflow tool… so the idea to have a CRM came by itself.

With the CRM tool, Le FOREM essentially aims at visualizing and interacting with stakeholders via a unique employer and job-seeker folder, in order to have a 360° view of users.

Another initiative was to disconnect a series of old apps, that were still in being used by Le FOREM.

Why did they choose Efficy CRM?


Le FOREM has been an Efficy client since 2004.

Back in the day, Efficy was simply used to manage certain initiatives such as the training plan for insertion, the adaptation credit…

It is only in 2014 that the Le FOREM decided to implement a CRM project.

A comparison of available CRM solutions was carried out, and the conclusion was that Efficy could satisfy the needs of Le FOREM just as well as the big leaders of the market… and as Efficy was already being used at Le FOREM, the choice of Efficy became obvious.

What did the CRM change within your enterprise ?

The CRM is in use at Le FOREM for management optimization:

  • Unique Employer Records. This part has been in production since March 2015. It was progressively rolled out to all people in contact with companies.
  • Unique records of Private individuals. This part has been in production since December 2015, and will progressively be deployed across all Le Forem agents who are in contact with job-seekers.

Eventually, the CRM will streamline all departments and services. The CRM will also allow for a centralized overview of all the records, both from the employer’s point of view as well as that of private individuals, which will lead to the agents being more focused on the clients.

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