Ruralidad chooses Efficy as its CRM Software

Ruralidad is a community that believes in and supports projects that promote a fairer, sustainable, entrepreneurial, inclusive, digital and participatory rurality.

Ruralidad is committed to generate and promote projects that transform Spain, under the premise that entrepreneurship must be present among the inhabitants, public managers and companies, creating innovative ecosystems.

In this Business Case we had the opportunity to interview Salvador Guerrero, General Manager at Ruralidad, where he tells us how it has been before and after acquiring our CRM in his company.

The CRM was fully mastered in a couple of days, and has given us better and faster decision making by the team.
Salvador Guerrero
General Manager

The project at a glance

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Searching for a tool to control and optimize commercial processes

After testing several CRM programs including Efficy Starter, Salvador Guerrero, Director of Ruralidad, made the decision to acquire Efficy CRM.

They were looking for a tool that was simple, intuitive and capable of following up on the various opportunities quickly and efficiently. Thanks to this, they opted for Efficy Starter, because of its modules, its adaptability and also because it is multilingual and provides all the software’s functionalities in Spanish.

Within the Environment sector, Ruralidad has acquired Efficy in order to have a better control over its suppliers, customers and projects in all its processes.

A CRM within this sector not only helps to have a 360º follow-up, but thanks to the cloud storage the company contributes to reduce the impact of its actions by having a completely digital execution.

A fast and accompanied implementation...

The implementation of the Ruralidad-Efficy project was fast and the service for training with the tool was outstanding. The Ruralidad team acknowledges and applauds the quick support they receive from the support area.

Salvador shares: the CRM was fully mastered in a couple of days, and it has given us better and faster decision making by the team.

They now have a more controlled management of their sales opportunities, as well as their databases.

Data fields tailored to your needs...

One of the advantages that Ruralidad has seen in the tool is the creation of several fields and filters to visualize the information of opportunities and contacts, which facilitate the follow-up of deliveries, payments, invoicing, etc.

One of the fields that they have created and that they use the most is called “type” in the new opportunities module, which allows them to organize by suppliers, providing them with a vertical and transversal order. This field offers a better visualization when offering them to clients and projects with which Ruralidad collaborates.

Objective: to give value to rurality through Efficy CRM

Nowadays Ruralidad uses a high amount of the tool functionalities, has improved its processes and recognizes that they have obtained a high percentage in their return on investment.

For them Efficy is a simple and easy to apply CRM and they know they can get more out of it. Today they use it as a reliable source to show the real value of the company to suppliers, customers and investors.

Always looking to the future, they accept that one of the main objectives when acquiring a CRM tool was precisely to have proof of the value of the actions that the company performs on a daily basis.

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