For more than 30 years, Saphelec, a recognized player in the telecom distributor market, has supported its customers in their fixed, mobile, IT and network projects. In 2019, the company is buying Infotel, a small business based in Hauts-de-France and a partner of SFR. At the same time, Saphelec joins forces with partner Efficy.

Simplified processes, maximized time savings.

Thanks to the CRM, the teams now have one-click access to the company’s commercial, administrative, accounting and technical information. This considerably facilitates communication between departments and improves their efficiency. Saphelec’s teams can now find all the information they need in one place and easily manage their activity. Exchanges and processes are thus simplified and time savings maximized.

A reliable, intuitive and easy-to-use CRM. With Efficy, teams can find all the information they need in one place and easily manage their business.
Benoit Hauw
CDO - Digital Transformation

The project at a glance

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    90 Users

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    Deployment in 2019

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    10 sites in France

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    15 M€ Revenues

A CRM to simplify business processes

By acquiring Infotel, Saphelec has consolidated its position as a major player in the independent SFR Business Spaces in France. It is also an opportunity for its national network to expand to 10 agencies. At the same time as this acquisition, the company has set itself the goal of facilitating its processes. With more than 100 employees spread over 10 sites and service activities billed to customers, it became essential that the various information concerning a customer be accessible by all in real time.

Saphelec chose to audit several innovative CRMs.
Among them: Efficy CRM, used at Infotel since February 2005.

“A reliable, intuitive CRM that is easy to use,” says Benoit Hauw, Saphelec’s digital manager and former director of Infotel.
says Benoit Hauw, digital manager at Saphelec and former director of Infotel. This positive feedback convinced the company to adopt Efficy as well.

Why choose Efficy CRM?

“Efficy is not just a database but a business-oriented tool. The many features offered (emailing campaigns, alerts, synchronization, etc.) enrich its daily use for all our teams. We don’t use it as a simple CRM but as an asset in the management of our activity. Its ergonomics and intuitive management have enabled the entire sales force to adopt it very quickly, which is rare for a CRM!

Stéphane Angelliaume, MED Regional Sales Director

Simplified communication, new work habits.

Used for only a few months by Saphelec’s teams, the CRM is already proving itself. In particular, with sales people who see Efficy as a lead generation tool.

Many key documents, including administrative and accounting ones, are directly accessible and easily completed. As for the technical teams, they can declare and report incidents in a few clicks. The implementation of Efficy therefore benefits everyone and, moreover, allows good habits to be acquired. For example, employees now have the reflex to look for information in the CRM first, rather than sending e-mails.

For their part, sales representatives now only have to pick up their phone, open the Waze application and click on the “Navigate to” button to get to their customers. All sales appointments are entered into Efficy CRM and attached to a company file. This way, the information is automatically synchronized. This maximizes time savings at all levels.

A project of telephone and computer coupling...

Today, Efficy allows Saphelec to centralize all administrative, accounting and commercial management information. Very soon, a project to link telephone and computer systems should also make it possible to provide information directly on a simple incoming call. To be continued!

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