Efficy CRM supports Thélem Assurance’s field sales forces

To support its field sales forces, Thélem Assurance wanted to deploy a policyholder relationship management tool within its network.

This makes it possible to manage contacts more effectively and to make better use of marketing actions launched at national or regional level.



With E-Deal CRM by Efficy, we have a tool to optimize the activity of our 260 general agents and help them in their commercial development. Moreover, it is the tool we needed to support our global sales method.
Marie Bauduin
Head of Business Methods and Management

Supporting the Group's growth

Our organization is mainly based on a network of 265 agencies that market our products.

We had a contract management tool shared between the agency and the company, but we were unable to follow the commercial news upstream of the quotations: meetings, agency visits, etc. It was also impossible for us to follow the contacts we met at trade fairs and other shows.

Follow-up actions and opportunity management were done using Excel files. At the same time, we implemented a global sales method.

This consists of taking into account all the needs that may arise within a household in terms of insurance (home, car, etc.) and not simply responding to a unitary request.

Consequently, the deployment of a CRM became essential to support the commercial development of the agencies.

Thélem Assurance key figures

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    700 000
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    335 000
    clients / prospects

Comprehensive functional coverage

Although we had never had a CRM, we had a clear idea of what we wanted from this tool:

  • data management (quality and management of parameters),
  • the organization of commercial activity (diary, list of tasks, assignment of an action, etc.),
  • management of the customer relationship with a vision of the relationships (family and economic) between people and understanding of the notion of “home”, which is very important in our sector,
  • the possibility of steering one’s activity whether one is a general agent or a decision-maker at headquarters,
  • the ease of managing marketing campaigns,
  • the quality of the ergonomics for rapid navigation.

These are all precautions to be taken to accelerate the adoption of the tool by users. The advantages of the E-Deal CRM by Efficy solution that convinced us were its adaptability and flexibility. We wanted to limit the need for specific developments to ensure rapid deployment. And as we noticed from the demonstrations given by the Efficy teams, the standard features covered a large part of our needs.

The tool our general agents were missing

E-Deal CRM by Efficy now gives us a 360° view of our customers.

At a glance, the general agents have an understanding of their customer’s household and their level of equipment (the man having taken out insurance for his vehicle and home, the woman having her own policy for her vehicle).

E-Deal CRM by Efficy also helps our agencies in their commercial development. Indeed, by monitoring their follow-up actions, opportunities and marketing actions, our agents can be more present in the sales field.

A pilot phase for a progressive deployment

In order to ensure that the change was well managed in the network, we wanted a progressive deployment.

We started with twenty or so pilot agencies already involved in the CRM project and the implementation was done in successive waves. A training cycle was carried out at the level of the head office and our sales inspectors.

General agents and their employees have not been forgotten: a communication campaign has been carried out to highlight the benefits of E-Deal CRM by Efficy in the commercial development of the agency.

The results of the project

  • 360° view of the customer and his home
  • Support for the commercial development of the 265 agencies
  • Monitoring of commercial activity
  • Quick and easy creation of marketing campaigns

Other references

Our other references

13,500 customers and more than 330,000 users use Efficy Group’s solutions