Sales Opportunities Module of Efficy CRM

Sales Opportunities Module
of Efficy CRM

Efficy CRM empowers your salesforce and helps manage customer portfolio and sales opportunities in an efficient and collaborative manner

With Efficy CRM, your sales representative manages and follows his opportunities and gets an access to the complete history of his customer and prospect portfolio.

In this history, your sales rep views all the tasks, contact details, documents (contract, terms and condition), invoices, etc. linked to his customer or prospect.

He also sees what has been done from a sales point of view: if someone had already called his prospect in the past, if he has carried out all the tasks he had planned for this lead (call backs, demonstration of your product, etc.), if the customer has ordered recently, etc.

In that way, the sales rep is fully aware of the customer's needs and recent moves and knows better how to approach him/her.

Team Selling

Efficy CRM guarantees« Team Selling » : Efficy CRM makes sure your team collaborates and communicates.

Your sales reps are not left alone on the market anymore. They share information and coordinate their actions to have a coherent approach towards your customers.

In other words, Efficy CRM lets your sales team know who and what was undertaken with a prospect.

Main features of Efficy CRM's Opportunities Module

Efficy CRM enables you to efficiently and quickly manage your customer portfolio and also to:

  • Manage calls for tenders

  • Manage your prospect pipeline

  • Manage quotes and orders

  • Manage your product catalogue

  • Manage sales regions and objectives

  • Manage budgets (sales forecasts, current sales opportunities,

  • Manage demo / visit reports

  • Manage sales proposals

  • Create detailed reports