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Do you want to discover some successful stories about customer experience in 2019? This article is made for you. Indeed, customer experience is essential to build customer loyalty or to attract prospects. But some do better than others and end up with pretty best practices. Let’s focus on some concrete business cases (non-exhaustive list).

IAD personalizes its Happy New Year

IAD is the leading French network of real estate advisers. It has shown spectacular growth in France and is expanding internationally (Spain, Italy, Portugal). With 95% of customers satisfied, according to their website, the expectations about the customer experience is high. Throughout his or her search of the “perfect” property, the client (buyer or tenant) is pampered. A real personalized relationship is established until the perfect fit is found. But the emotion has to continue even after the purchase. And that’s what happened with the New Year’s wishes. Some advisers have sent their clients a scratch card accompanied by a handwritten letter:

“I offer you the opportunity to try to win € 500 by scratching this card. Good luck! And, don’t forget that if you recommend me to someone close to you who sells their apartment, you can earn up to € 5,000!”

Kudos to IAD for this innovative approach to customer recommendation.

Mama Shelter meets the expectations of today’s travelers

The Mama Shelter hotel chain (AccorHotels Group) defines itself as “a creator of lively places and places to meet”. They are present in 11 different cities around the world, its concept is the same everywhere: to offer a complete customer experience, going further than a simple bed and breakfast. Mama Shelter thus offers free access to play areas (table football, billiards, board games, etc.). The customers come to share a moment either together or with the others. Free movies, on-demand, are available on the TVs in the rooms. The restaurant, warm and friendly, offers homemade dishes. In short, we could stay at the hotel all day without getting bored!

Well done to Mama Shelter for this very strong customer culture.

La Redoute don’t forget its customers’ birthdays

Of course, it’s not the only brand to do so. Many companies send a more or less personalized message when it’s a client’s birthday. But La Redoute, a French leader in fashion and home e-commerce, is doing something fancy. The brand sends an email with a promotion. And, if the customer has not taken advantage of it, then he receives a reminder: “You are not going to miss this opportunity, aren’t you? ”
Bravo to La Redoute for this personalization of communication.

The success of the customer experience is based on the fundamentals of Customer Relations

For qualitative customer experience, there are 6 fundamentals to remember:

  1. Make emotions live
  2. Be customer-oriented
  3. Generate a relationship of trust
  4. Thinking about enhanced Customer Relations
  5. Generate a relationship of trust
  6. Ensure the quality of the data

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