Synchronisation and API of Efficy CRM
Computer with Efficy CRM screenshot

Synchronisation and API of Efficy CRM

Efficy CRM is fully synchronized and integrated to your existing IT environment

Reliable, user-friendly and integrated

Efficy CRM was built with the aim of improving the productivity of your sales and marketing department but also that of the other teams.This is why you can connect your external programs or softwares, such as your ERP, BI, GRH, DMS, CMS, administrative or invoicing software programs, etc. Indeed, programs like MS-Office et Lotus Notes are quickly integrated into your Efficy CRM solution.

As an ISO-9001 certified company, we know this integration feature is not only important for the security and protection of your data but also for the stability and reliability of our solution. Thanks to this approach, Efficy CRM is now a pure combination of strength, power and subtlety.

Efficy CRM is the result of thorough analyses during which user experience and needs were scrutinized. The solution has been developed in a very pragmatic way. It has kept on being improved, year after year, to become one of the most advanced and flexible software on the market.