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Personalise your communication and analyse your results with Efficy CRM

Are you doing marketing? Of course. But are you doing high-quality, efficient marketing?

Are you targeting the right public at the right moment? Are you getting the most out of your investment? Give Efficy a try.

You will notice the difference right away. Here are the steps to a good marketing strategy.

Target your customers

An urgent announcement to make? A new product, a newsletter or an important piece of advice? Define your target audience thanks to the “Queries” module. It enables you to extract, depending on your search criteria, the relevant information from your database.

With this function you can decide to target the customers of a specific sales rep in a specific region/country.


Create and launch your campaigns

With the Marketing module, you can easily send emails or letters to a selection of people.

But wait, there’s more: you can also create workflows (automated campaigns) that allow you to define the number of campaigns and the date/time they will be sent.

So, whether it is for an event, a web seminar or a newsletter, you can program the moment the invitations, attendance confirmations and reminders will be sent.


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Other features are also available. Are you active on social media? Post on all your accounts and read the standard reports about your posts to analyse the impact of your strategy.

You want to launch a survey about the quality of your customer service? You can also create surveys and send them to the contacts you want to target.

Analyse and save your results

With Efficy CRM, you are able to easily look up your campaign and workflow reports. You can see the number of contacts who received your invitations, the number of participants or people who answered your survey, etc.

Thanks to this valuable information, you can interpret the behaviour of your target contacts and adapt your marketing strategy to your customers.

Of course, Efficy gives you the possibility to save these campaign reports and to bind them to the campaign so that they are easily available to other users.

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