Efficy CRM Tasks Module

Tasks Module of Efficy CRM

Efficy CRM Tasks Module

Put your to-do list aside and professionalize your work

With Efficy CRM , say no to to-do lists written on the corner of a sheet of paper or of your agenda. Thanks to Efficy CRM Tasks Module, you have a general overview on all your daily, past and future tasks.

You can set the priority of those tasks, add an urgency level, a deadline, link it to a project, a company or contact, assign it to an employee.

You do not need reminders anymore, you never forget to accomplish your Efficy tasks

You have to call back many customers today? This module will help you manage your time and workload: by clicking on the name of the person linked to the task, the phone number of the contact is dialed automatically. In a matter of seconds, you are on the phone with the customer you needed to call back.