CRM for general hospital: Bezirkskliniken and Efficy CRM

Case study
General hospital Bezirkskliniken

Bezirkskliniken general hospital

Bezirkskliniken (Mittelfranken) general hospital is one of the biggest employers in the Nuremberg region.

In this hospital complex, psychological, psychosomatic and neurological disorders are being treated, either by healing or preventing them, or by rehabilitating the patient. Patients can either live in the clinics or care centres, or go for consultation.

About 50000 patients are being treated each year in the 8 clinics and 2 care centres. The hospital employs over 3000 people and has 1700 beds.

On top of public hospitals, a university teaching hospital, etc. Bezirkskliniken (Mittelfranken) general hospital also has private doctors, in order to offer a complete panel of services to its patients.

Bezirksliniken and Efficy CRM

How did Efficy become one of the cornerstones of the hospital activity? The hospital performed an analysis of the CRM market and a selection of CRM companies was invited to present their products.

There were several reasons behind the choice: ​

When the product was introduced, the standard version was already meeting the majority of the needs.

Efficy allows the user to easily customize the app (setting up new fields, etc.) without resorting to very specific developments or external IT service. Efficy is simple and intuitive.

The integration of MS Outlook makes it easy to handle right away.

Unlike some other CRM solutions, Efficy is not oversized and its standard version provides all the essential features the medical staff needed. It had a very good price / quality ratio, and there was a good relationship with the teams.

« We wanted to implement a CRM solution that would be adapted to our working methods as health professionals.», says Ariane Peine, Marketing and Communication director.

" I can access contacts in real time, with their complete history and email management. In the future, we might also be using Efficy to produce KPIs", says Ozan Santemiz, key accounts manager.

Since then, after a few years of use, the scope of use was significantly widened.

On top of patient data centralisation, communication with doctors and treatment possibilities for each illness, the hospital complex now uses the project management feature to follow up on some specific patients.

" A lot of patients come in and out, and the doctors must be able during the consultations to have a global and precise overview of all the therapeutical solutions available to them. The CRM should give us that possibility. Initially, everything was managed in Excel, but we quickly saw the limits of spreadsheets: slow and tiring data input, problems in appointments management, lack of document management (e.g. correspondence with GPs), loss of information when sending emails... " (Ariane Peine). Efficy is also being used for key accounts management: “I have access to key accounts in real time, with their complete history and email management.”

Ariane Peine, Marketing & Communication manager, also uses Efficy for communication management purposes, thanks to a file containing external contacts (journalists, media...) and a complete history of exchanges and publications.

In conclusion, Efficy has become one of the cornerstones of the organisation of Bezirkskliniken (Mittlefranken) general hospital, not only for external communications, but also for the optimisation of internal processes.

Efficy is thus no stranger to the fact that the Bezirkskliniken (Mittelfranken) general hospital won in 2015 an international award for medical marketing, topping over 100 other hospitals.